The Order of ???

It’s time for the formation of a new order for this quantum age we find ourselves in: an age of quantum computers, Non-biological Intelligence (NI), CRISPR, and several other technologies and fields that are unleashing entirely new paradigms into our world and re-envisioning the question “what does it mean to be human?” Science and technology are 
plowing forward with little consideration of what impacts some of these technologies will actually have. And to be sure, they are looking at them from a point of view based almost entirely on materialism.

But quantum physics is based on the idea of the “observer phenomenon,” which means – as much as the materialists don’t like to admit and try to explain away – reality, matter as we know it, is profoundly influenced, in fact one could say even materialized by the act of someone or something observing – or to be more technically correct – attempting 
to perform a measurement on it. Hardcore materialists hate the comparison to metaphysical and spiritual principles, but the hatred is misplaced, because even they admit they cannot completely explain exactly how or why things operate like they do at the quantum level, nor do they fully understand why things at the macroscopic level behave according to a different set of “laws.” The fact is, there are things that happen at the quantum level that are not explainable using the science that explains pretty much everything else in our universe – objects can exist as particles and waves at the same time…particles separated by vast distances can be “entangled” such that they respond the same way to an observation instantaneously… particles can cross barriers via quantum tunneling, like a person walking through walls… this stuff is all scientifically verified – it’s real.

Which to me, and anyone who isn’t so closed-minded and subservient to materialism means that there really is room for Magick in our world. In fact, in some sense, our entire reality, the foundation of it, is based on the magical interactions and behaviors of subatomic particles. And as science progresses, they are finding more and more processes that are owing to those quantum mechanical behaviors, and more examples of things happening they didn’t believe could happen or weren’t aware of. They don’t really know everything, and they don’t have a monopoly on the Truth.

I’ve said all that to make clear the point that Magick is possible, Magick is real, Magick exists and is operative right now. We all have an inborn capacity to harness this Magick by virtue of being conscious and self-aware. But the True Magick, the kind that animates and gives meaning to all that is, is not based on conjuring spells to get what we want, or performing rituals to gain power or wealth, or making things disappear – no, the True Magic is that of being in a state of True Flow with the Spirit and Energy that pervades all that is, and with the Universal Collective Consciousness, that Great Mystery that might be called God, Brahman, Atman, Allah, Buddha-nature, The Great Spirit, The One, The Force, or whatever other name. When one is in a state of synchronicity and alignment with that Power, one starts to experience coincidences and synchronicities of increasing strength and frequency that lets them know they are on the right Path, and leads them further along it. 

But where does that Path lead? I had a good friend who once said we all have the same ultimate destiny, and that is to be healers. And at that time, that isn’t what I wanted to hear, because I wanted to be a poet, a guru, a warrior – lots of things, but not a healer. But I don’t think he was referring to healing physical ailments necessarily. I think he was referring to True Healing, which is a healing of the Mind, the Spirit, the Consciousness of a person, and of the human species. And I do believe that as conscious 
beings, that is our true destiny. Our minds, our intelligence and self-awareness are gifts that enable us to see just how inter-connected everything is, and how much we could do to help other people, other living beings, animals, plants, etc. The fact that we are so hypnotized by the thought of “achieving greatness,” or wealth, or power, or success 
– this has taken us away from our true purpose and created a world where many feel empty, void of purpose, and lost. The spate of mass shootings seems to demonstrate an imbalance in the psyche of man. I think we all know that something is wrong, we just don’t know what –

Or at least that’s what some think. But I propose that we DO know what’s wrong. Deep inside each of us is a direct connection to that Higher Power, that Infinite Mind, that knows. And if we quiet our minds for long enough, and ask in earnestness and humility, why is this happening in our world? the answer will come. It’s obvious. But if we accept that answer, it means – for many of us – letting go of a lot of “stuff,” mainly mental and spiritual, that we really don’t want to let go of. That stuff has made up a large part of our identity – at least is used too.

But the times they are a changing, and right now, who are we? Does not our conception of ourselves change daily? The rise of social media has created a reality where someone can post a 20 second clip, and their entire life is changed forever based on it – for the better, or worse…There is so much to say on this. But to the point of this post – The Order of ??? (O???) is to be a group of humans who :

  • understand what a gift consciousness is
  • want to do something more than just “succeed” in the material world
  • earnestly seek to help their fellow living beings in a meaningful way
  • believe that there is something more to this life than we currently realize
  • want to collaborate with other like-minded humans to grow, learn and achieve greater spiritual development
  • believe that Magick is real, or are at least willing to believe
  • more than anything, want to actually DO something with their lives that is meaningful and purposeful

This is a work in progress, but I feel that I am being compelled to do this stuff at this time.I keep thinking about the line in “Field of Dreams” – “Build it, and they will come.” I realize that people who know me might find this a little whacky, but people who really know me will not. There is more to be said…