I/O cycle – been in “Input” for a while

I haven’t done much writing lately, obviously lol. I have been in “input” mode for a while now. As I think I mentioned in my last post, I’ve discovered #ufotwitter, and been spending a fair amount of time immersing myself in information there. I have to say, it’s really cool to have found an active community of people interested in the subject, many of whom are actively investigating it, some experiencers, some curious, a fair amount of spiritual/mystical folks like myself, and a few skeptics as well. It makes for some great interaction, and I am enjoying it. I’ve been spending most of my time there, haven’t been on FB much at all.

The other input has been reading, of course. I’m currently working my way through “Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition” (https://www.amazon.com/Giordano-Bruno-Hermetic-Tradition-Frances/dp/0226950077) and really enjoying it. Some of it is a little drab – it’s definitely a history book, not a metaphysical one – but there is a TON of fascinating information in it. The author talks about something Bruno practices called “the art of memory, and how it was the key to becoming a magus. She actually has a complete book about it as well, so I may end up reading it after this one. Actually, that’s not true – I will be reading “UFOs – Generals, Pilots…” by Leslie Kean. I downloaded a sample and started reading it – I’m hooked! And by then, Jacque’s book – which was supposed to be released on May 4th, but has been postponed to June 1st – should be out, so I will read it lol. But I will get back to the Hermetic stuff, for sure.

It’s weird, I was thinking last night as I was getting ready to fall asleep – I haven’t been experiencing many coincidences, haven’t had many truly powerful spiritual experiences or happenings, no super mystical events – yet I have been extremely energized, in a very good place mentally and spiritually, and feel very strong, very connected. The part of me that was getting ready to be bummed out did a double take, and was like, “Hey, wait a minute – I have been in a state of deep, constant connection, and I’m going be bummed out because I haven’t had a bunch of ‘whoa!’ moments? No way silly – just stop it!” And so I did. I stopped that negative thought and gave thanks for the state of connectedness. I recognized a little piece of negative self/spiritual sabotage, and nipped it in the bud.

I think reading the Hermetic stuff, as well as some of the deep skepticism on #ufotwitter, and just being on social media in general, has caused me to pay much more attention to my thought patterns, those little, almost automatic “doubt seeds” that seem to get cast in any field of wonder and possibility just as I am preparing to move on to other thoughts. They creep in, under the radar, and since they are so common and have been around for so long, I don’t often take the time or attention to go back and prevent them from being planted in the soil of my consciousness. But I am sharpening my focus, increasing my attention, and setting an intention to more closely and mindfully tend the fields of my awareness, in hopes that by so doing, the streams of thought and belief that flow to my subconscious will be more free from contaminants, and give rise to long forgotten, or perhaps even brand new, forms of thought energy. Wow, I just realized that I am actually practicing some of the art of memory without necessarily consciously intending to – cool!

I’ve wondered a few times while reading the book on Bruno if I wasn’t him in a past life, seriously lol. If not, we are definitely kindred spirits, cut from the same cloth – at least from what I know so far. Perhaps I need to see if there is a biography of him? In any case, I think I am done with this post. I might throw it up on twitter to see if anyone actually reads it. But I have learned that I don’t write these for anyone but myself really. It’s stuff that I need to express, I need to remember. Ultimately, we each have our own journey, and I am simply documenting mine. It might be forgotten to everyone else, but I don’t want to forget myself ; )