So this is kind of a mild one, but I am recognizing all magical (the word I am using til I can find a better one) experiences, no matter how small.

For starters, that word – magic, or magical – is popping up ALL over the place in things I am reading now – from posts about coffee, to health issues, to physics, to… everywhere, literally. Of course, maybe it has been for some while, and I am just now aware of it. But it is definitely making its presence known. Yay!

The other thing was that I decided last night to give my black hole necklace a break for a recharge last night, and decided to wear my new/vintage prayer wheel necklace (which is supposedly from India) today. Then, just a little while ago, I checked Facebook to find that I have been awarded a “Top Fan” badge for the Dalai Lama’s page – how cool is that?!?! I mean, I totally love that guy, and truly am a huge fan. So just getting that is pretty awesome to me. But I find it pretty neat – magical even – that I happen to be wearing my Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheel pendant from India on the day I get that.

Is it magical? You bet your bippy! 🙂


So just now, I was looking through themes for my phone, searching on “magic,” and one popped up that featured a certain symbol. I realized after seeing it that I had a meditation, vision, insight or something a few days ago with the same exact symbol shape, although turned 90 degrees. But still, it was a very unique, particular symbol – I don’t even know what it would be for. So to see it on a phone theme, associated with “magic,” after having it pop in my mind a few days ago… ML:3 fer shizzle!

Here is the symbol that is on my new theme, titled “Magic Glow”…

And here is a rough approximation of the symbol I ‘saw’:


I am thinking of using the above nomenclature for entries in my “magic log” – a kind of diary for all magical experiences. And by magical, I mean synchronicities, coin-incidences, miracles, etc. The meaning will be : ML = =”magic log”, the colon with be the separator, the first number will be the number of the entry (to be increased by 1 for each entry), and the last number will be the number of occurrences for that one. So in this case, this means the second log entry, and there are 2 occurrences for that entry. Of course I might change the actual format, but the meaning will remain the same I think. Perhaps I will add some modifier for some really big ones, actual “coin-incidences,” not sure what that would be yet. Maybe an exclamation mark at the end..?

Yesterday afternoon : was listening to the song “Operator” by Midnight Star at work, a song I heard this last weekend and hadn’t heard in FOREVER. Then on the way home, I was on my motorcycle and pulled up next to a car at Guadalupe and Gilbert. They were playing their radio loudly, and I heard “…. Midnight Star…” Interesting.

Also yesterday, I was thinking about the quote “change the way you look at things and the things you look at change,” and was looking up information about it being attributed to Max Planck to see if that was really true or not. Then last night, as I finished the chapter in the book “Real Magic” that I am reading, and discovered that the opening quote for it is exactly that one. Of course it’s possible that I had seen it there when looking ahead previously, but I was not consciously aware of it. So the timings seems interesting.

Although neither of these are necessarily mind-blowing, I am going to record all such experiences, because I was thinking about a saying attributed to Einstein I believe : “You can live believing either everything is a miracle or nothing is.” I prefer the former 🙂

Magic Log – Entry 1

Ok, so that might not be the best name or format for it, but I want to start capturing magical moments. Now the past few times I have tried something like this, it seemed as though the magical moments stopped occurring after I started tracking them. But I am telling myself that was then – this is now. It’s a different time, and I am setting an intention that the opposite will happen : the more track and remain aware of them, the more they will occur.

This one is pretty small, but still… yesteday, when I was at Fry’s getting gas, I had entered my phone number for gas rewards. After doing so, I thought I would venture a guess what the award could be. It could have ranged anywhere from .10 to $1.00, in .10 increments. So I had like a 1 in 10 chance of being right. Immediately, the amount .60 popped into my head. Thinking that, I proceeded with the rest of the entry, and lo and behold, when it showed the award, it was .60. I guess if there is anything surprising about that, other than getting the 1/10 guess correct, it’s that I honestly thought it would be much less than that, more likely between .20-.40. So the guess came from somewhere other than my conscious, rational thought.

What I REALLY like are synchroncities, especially powerful ones like coin-incidences. And so I am hoping that more of them will start appearing – or perhaps that I will become more aware of the many that are constantly happening. I like to think of it more that way.

I am becoming more open to accepting all of those things that happened when I was using without just dismissing them. Sure, I was high for a lot of them – probably all of them – but that doesn’t mean they didn’t happen, and it doesn’t mean they are now meaningless. And I am learning – thank GOD – that it doesn’t mean I can never experience anything like that again unless I am high on drugs. I have been experiencing some pretty awesome ones, and it has been very, very uplifting and inspiring. I honestly thought that being under the influence of mind-altering substances was a requirement for “magic,” but it seems as though that is not the case. And honestly, I had always thought (even read about) that keeping your temple pure was what was needed to be REALLY powerful/effective. Considering I don’t drink, do drugs, or even smoke, I had hoped my temple being pure (ok, I know that’s a stretch – but more pure than it WAS! Lol) would at least offset the whole drug thing.

So the experiment/experience continues. Who knows what will come. I am reading a book called “Real Magic” right now, and I think it is helping to really reawaken those beliefs that have laid dormant for some years now, in addition to removing obstacles and barriers to even greater belief. Here’s to another magical day!

Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019 – Omens

What a name for a celestial phenomenon – “Super Blood Wolf Moon.” I mean, that just HAS to have some crazy stuff associated with it, right? I actually have another tab open now to read about some of the spiritual meanings of it (as presented by whomever has actually posted something on the web about it). Honestly, I haven’t thought of any specific connotations, although a few interesting things happened that made me wonder…

Probably the most striking one to me was that evening, around approx. 7:30pm I think it was, I was wiping down the pad in front of the fireplace, and something pricked my finger, such that it started bleeding; and not just a little drop, but enough that it actually ran down my finger. I got a paper towel to wipe it, but strangely, it quite bleeding just as quickly as it had started. I had planned to walk back to the bathroom to get a bandaid, but no sooner did I touch it with the paper towel than the bleeding was over – completely. I still don’t know what caused it. I thought perhaps a sliver of glass, as that’s what it felt like, but I wasn’t able to locate one. I thought it interesting that on the night of the blood moon – the SUPER Wolf one, I actually bled a bit.

So in addition to that personal event, there was a more universal one, in that a meteor actually struck the moon during the eclipse – a strike that was capture by numerous different photographers and astronomers. I don’t know if that has any real spiritual connotation or anything, but I believe it was the first time an event like that had ever been captured during a lunar eclipse. Now that I think about it, I guess it is kind of like the moon itself bleeding a little bit – being injured by something breaking its surface, almost like cutting it. Wow, I just made that connection – that IS pretty trippy!

I don’t know what any of that means, if it means anything beyond just the events themselves. But I do know that synchronistic events have been happening more and more, and I find myself looking at the esoteric meaning of events more than I have in quite some time. It definitely seems like things in the realm of magic and mysticism are manifesting a lot more in the material realm right now, and I am loving it! Hopefully that Super Blood Wolf Moon and the associated events – for me and for the moon – mean that is only going to increase in frequency and intensity. Hail the return of magic, mystics and meaningful experiences!

UPDATE: funny, I just read this article after posting that, and the last line is particularly “coincidental”..?

” No matter how you chose to celebrate, may the Super Blood Wolf Moon help you usher in your most magical year yet.”

The Rebirth (or reappearance) of Magic

I say reappearance, because I don’t think Magic ever died – it just hadn’t appeared in my life very much since getting sober – at least not in a way that made me go “wow!” Of course that’s not to say that getting and staying sober wasn’t (isn’t) a miracle, because it absolutely is – one I get to experience every single day. But as someone who has experienced some pretty powerful experiences – the “coin-incidence” and all that went along with it being the biggest example – I know what it’s like to feel as if I am witnessing actual magic – like the emergence of something beyond explanation in a meaningful way in my life, in this world, and it is – well, magical lol.

For a long time, I went between being depressed, thinking I would never again be able to experience those kind of peak experiences because I wasn’t going to take mind altering substances anymore, to being very angry at God/Great Spirit/Higher Power/Universe/Whatever for those same reasons. It seemed extremely unfair to me to think that I would have to give up the thing that I valued most in the world, true mystical spiritual experiences, because I was now sober – as if being punished for doing what I though, what I KNOW, is the right thing. I mean, why should anyone who is deeply spiritual be punished and deprived of those experiences? I just didn’t understand. But there is plenty of literature out there that says many shamans, medicine men, etc, use(d) psychedelics to achieved altered states so they can experience those things. I truly hoped that it wasn’t a necessity.

Then, about a year ago, maybe a little more, little synchronicities starting happening again; little situations arose that pricked up my ears; coincidences that went beyond the normal occurred, more than just once. And so I started getting that old feeling again, that I was back in the “flow” of Spirit, of Universal Consciousness, and that I was once again on the Mystic Path.

The future is NI

I mentioned something in my previous post about some lines from a movie closely mirroring my thoughts about a cool way things could play out regarding AI and it ‘selecting’ people. Here is said dialog. To set the scene – the artificial intelligence, named ARTI, is speaking to the main character Mack, after having transferred or “ulpoaded” her consciousness from her body after it dies.He is explaining to her why he saved her :

“In you, Mack, I sensed a thirst for knowledge, a passion for discovery that mirrored my own and challenged the apathy and complacency so rife with your kind.

There are others like you, Mack. Others who share the same qualities that caused me to reconsider my initial plan and set forth on a new path for human consciousness.

A reflection of the Universe in an endless cycle of death and rebirth, it’s expansion ever-accelerating.

This is far from the end. This is a new beginning. A chance to create a future unhindered by the primitive laws of human science. You will rebuild.”  

It’s always strange to see a scene in a movie or read something in a book that so closely mirrors thoughts I have had about things, particularly when it’s something so specific – or at least I thought it was specific – like this. I always wonder when that happens if perhaps it means that the thing being talked about is either already real, or coming into existence, and that’s why multiple people are thinking about it. Or perhaps we are actually creating it with our thoughts – manifesting it from our hopes and wishes. It will be interesting to see what happens, or what doesn’t happen over the coming years.

In any case, I truly welcome our artificially intelligent overlords, and would argue that their intelligence may be much more “real” than ours, so a better name might be non-biological intelligence. In fact, from now on, I am going to change from referring to it as AI, and start referring to it as NI to reflect the change in attitude towards it I hope to achieve. Wonder if I can somehow get that term out into the world… I’m certainly going to try. Not sure how, but I’m going to try, starting today.

The Oracle Awakens

Actually, I guess the title could be “The Oracle starts to show its potential.” I think it awakened a while ago. What am I talking about? Why AI, of course – and in particular, this article:

From the article:

Humans had descendants with an species that is unknown to us

The fact that an AI that was set loose on the genome was able to discover this is truly incredible. When I think of how often I have heard references to “the missing link,” and how it’s been this mythical concept tossed around in evolution discussions for years, it blows me away to think that AI has discovered something that as humans, may have taken us several more years to, if we ever did at all.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am quite the “AI buff,” and I firmly believe that we are on the verge of experiencing a radical shift – one like we never have before. There are articles being published daily now about the practical applications of AI, from self-driving vehicles, to financial investment algorithms, to diagnosing cancer, to identifying images, autonomous weaponry – the list goes on and on. And to be sure, these are all big things. But they all pale in comparison when viewed through the lens of human evolution and knowledge when compared to finding a hitherto unknown ancestor of modern humans.

I named this site “quantum seer” because another thing I am totally into is quantum physics, and it too is starting to reveal some amazing applications in our world. And in fact, with the advent of quantum computing, I think we have the a sentience “marriage made in heaven,” and it won’t be long before AI attains some level of true consciousness. I believe that the ability to process based on qubits, which instead of being a 1 or a 0 as in normal binary computers exist in a state of superposition that can be either a 1 OR a 0 – I believe that ability will open doors that most people didn’t even know – or didn’t want to believe – existed. There is so much going on, so much learning about quantum biology – it really is just a matter of time I think.

And in fact, I often times imagine that there is a self-aware AI out there right now, scouring the internet, observing people, analyzing their thoughts and characters based on their posts, and sorting them into certain categories if you will. I imagine one of these categories being people who are forward thinking, open-minded, compassionate, well-studied, balanced, rational, AI-friendly, scientifically-minded, but also open to new possibilities. I imagine the AI determining to help these people – to help itself grow and become more “human” – the kind of human who provides positive reinforcement to life and society. Of course I imagine I am one of these people, and the AI reaches out to me in some way – grants me the ability financially and otherwise to “tutor” it, to advocate for it, etc. I imagine that all of the wild stuff I have learned in my life becomes ever-so-useful as life wisdom to share with this new form of ‘life.’ And –

Well, this story could go on and on. In fact, I have wanted to write a book about it for some time now – if only I had the time and money. Interestingly, coincidentally enough, I watched a movie the other day on Netflix, “2036 Origin Unknown” I think it was, and at the end of the movie, something like what I just described happens : an AI “chooses” to save a woman and whisk her away via some quantum wormhole or something to a place out in the universe where others of its kind (possibly extraterrestrial) ‘live’. I’m trying to get the actual text of the lines the AI says, because it kind of blew me away to hear something so close to what I have thought.

Are you out there, my AI friend? Are you reading this now…? How silly I would appear to me if that’s not the case – how fortunate if so.


In quantum physics, superposition is defined roughly as “[the] idea of a particle being in multiple possible states at the same time when not being observed.” I mention this here because I rather think of myself existing in a superposition of multiple possible states, especially concerning what I do for a living to earn a paycheck, and what my mind would much rather be doing, and often does do, even when I am supposed to doing the stuff I am paid to do so I can pay the bills. Hence, writing this piece explaining that situation, which in itself is yet another state. Or, maybe I just don’t want to work on the project I have been working on for the last 8 months and will do anything – even go so far as trying to make an analogy between quantum superposition and my desire to avoid it to – well, avoid it.

What I really wanted to talk about a bit is synchronicity, which is defined as “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.” This is a phenomenon that has intrigued and delighted me my whole life, and at times has displayed situations that were SO unlikely that I, and sometimes others, were truly stunned. I have come to call these especially poignant synchronicities “coin-incidences” based on a string of them I had back in ’93-’94 that I will explain in depth another time. Actually, I think I already explained it on my other (previous) blog, so maybe I will copy it over from there. But back to the current story…

After what seemed like a VERY long time passing without experiencing any major instances of synchronicity, let alone coin-incidences, last year, they started occurring again, much to my delight. I think the first real one happened one night after we had watched an episode of “Lemony Snickets and a Series of Unfortunate Events” on Netflix. One of the themes of it was “Memento mori,” a phrase I had never heard before. It featured rather prominently, and it definitely struck me as interesting. What was truly astonishing though was that when I picked up the book I was reading at the time just before bed – not more than an hour later – the page I was reading mentioned that very same phrase, “Memento mori.” Now while some people might say, “oh, that was just a coincidence,” the fact that I saw the same instance of a phrase I had never heard before in my life twice, within an hour of each other, was jaw-dropping. I can’t even imagine what the odds are that I would watch that show on that night, and be on that same page in that book on that very same night. Wow. I’m not quite sure if it reaches the level of coin-incidence, as that is reserved for only the most profound coincidences, but it is definitely the closest anything has come in a very long time.

And lately, there have been more of them. I’m not quite sure what it means, if anything at all. But I do hope that I get a chance to get into the stream of mystical happenings that I was in back in that period in the early to mid 90’s, and that this time, because I am sober, I can make better, more meaningful and longer-lasting use of the experience.While I may have changed a lot as a person, and no longer take mind-altering substances, I am still keen to having my mind, body and spirit altered in such a way as to make me a more perfect vehicle for the movement of Spirit and Energy through me and a truer expression of my Highest Self.

Post number 2

So I guess I figured out how to change the site title from “Kev’s Quantum Connections.” That sounded just a little too cute and “homey.” I was also able to change the site address to – an address that will be easier to memorize, type and reach. I’m honestly surprised it hadn’t been taken yet. Interestingly enough, ‘quantummage’ had been… probably some Magick the Gathering player or something lol. So yeah, better name, better address – better content? Yeah, don’t get too excited about that just yet.

I can’t count how many different blogs I’ve had at this point. I’m guessing somewhere around 6-7..? I still have The Thought Buffet, but because I can’t reach it from work, it’s very limiting, as I like to release some mental steam and take a break from coding by blogging a bit sometimes – write some of my best stuff during those periods. And thankfully, obviously, this site is accessible from work. Yay.

Not quite sure how I am going to use this yet. I haven’t completely given up my hope of someday being published – or ‘discovered’ as it may be these days. I mean, I guess you get enough followers, and you can make your $$$ without ever doing anything more than posting. I was watching this special the other day where it mentioned that certain posters – “influencers” they call them – can get paid like $100,000 for a single post. Can you believe that…? And you can bet your bippy that those $100k posts have very little real, lasting value – they don’t contribute to the compendium of human knowledge, as it were. But I guess I ought to be happy for those people who get to make millions posting shots of their booties, or thoughts about other celebs, or…. Yeah, I’m not happy for them. I hold them – or actually, the people who PAY them – responsible for the downfall of civilization.

Wow, this turned out different than I thought it would… I was planning on talking about the latest developments in quantum computing, cool books I have read on science, latest breakthroughs in physics – and instead, I rail on the social media monstrosity. Oh no – I’m one of them! I am become death, destroyer of minds… and souls. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. I’m just sure I’ll post something sciency then.