That’s what I feel like I am living in right now, at this moment. The news of the last few days has been literally surreal, and it’s more clear than ever that we really are living at an inflection point for human civilization. And I don’t say that hyperbolically, not this time. I’m too tired to even list all of the various articles, posts, tweets, etc to back up what I’m saying. But suffice it to say that the words “unprecedented,” “never before seen,” “record breaking,” “unusual,” etc have been used repeatedly for weather and climate events over the past week or so.

Deadly tornado in Kentucky, in December.

75°F for the high in Des Moines Iowa – on December 15th.

Most powerful windstorm ever, hurricane force winds, across the great plains.

Temperature of 100°F, highest ever recorded, in the Arctic Circle, confirmed for 2020.

It just goes on and on and on.

And then there is covid of course, the new Omicron variant, shattering daily case records in Denmark, UK, and other countries. We are again seeing the “hospitals overwhelmed” messages here in the US, and that variant hasn’t even taken hold yet here – it’s still Delta! I feel SO bad for healthcare workers. And then there is my work – a place I was once proud of (like, a month ago) for being a bastion of following science and safety, that has now gone insane apparently, and made the decision based on politics (internal? external? both?) to bring people back into the office in January, to preserve our “culture.” The IT all hands meeting about it Tuesday was just unreal. Everyone was like, “What’s going on? Why?” The takeaway? It’s what the GMs want, so suck it up – they don’t care what you think or want, or what your concerns are. Never imagined this company would go that way.

Of course there is the continuing assault on truth and democracy here in the US, as the rightwing media and polticians continue to politicize the virus and the response to it; people vehemently refusing to get vaccinated; people refusing to wear masks because they don’t want to be “sheep.” It’s just unbelievable, in a very sickening, saddening, demoralizing way. I’ve had a bleak view of humanity since I was a child based on the bullying I experienced, and the bigotry, cruelty, and lack of compassion and awareness shown by so many. But this is next level civilization ending type behavior here. If we get a variant with a 20-40% mortality rate, it’s lights out for this run.

I am trying to not get too morose and remind myself that I, many, have known this was coming for a long time. The prophets of old foresaw this time. And the new prophets, the climate scientists, have been telling us since the 60’s that this was coming. And even the virologists and epidemiologists have been warning us that it’s not a question of IF the world experiences a devastating pandemic, but when. And of course my own personal insights, what the voice inside has been telling me, the things I have seen too. But even given all of this – literally KNOWING – that it was coming, it is still astonishing, and absolutely surreal to see with my own eyes, and hear with my own ears.

We have truly crossed the Rubicon. Reality is surreal now – it just is. And it will only get more so from here. I am really unnerved, and just said a really long prayer for strength, guidance, and hope – that I might be able to offer my loved ones some way through all of this. Ultimately, I know it’s not entirely up to me, and I find myself questioning all my faith and insights, wondering – hoping – that all of those things I’ve told myself are based on something true, actual, and not just stuff I said to give myself false hope. I guess we will see in the coming weeks and months.

I honestly feel a bit dissociated today. Having lived with knowledge this was coming for so long, and now actually seeing it coming to fruition – it’s much more startling and impactful than I thought it would be. Turns out knowing something is coming is not the same, not even close, as to actually experiencing that something. I am going to be going back to my “full spiritual armor” that I was donning a while back again – wearing more talismans, praying even more, doing Tarot readings, meditating more purposefully – to make sure I am in top spiritual/emotional shape for this. Because honestly, I am a bit taken aback with the exponentiality of the pace of the impacts.

I pray for all of us during this time of great change, and hope that every one who reads this does what they can to prepare themselves. Relish each day, take in the moments of peace and joy, and make sure the ones you love know you love them. Don’t wait to do tomorrow what you can do today. May the Light of Truth and the Love of God watch over, guide, and protect all of us.