Signs in the Heavens

I was going to write a post, but I don’t even know where to start. To the title – tonight is the “Great Conjunction” – Jupiter and Saturn have been getting closer and closer in the night sky, and will be at the closest they have been in over 800 years tonight. When we went over to Mom and John’s a couple of weeks ago for a Christmas celebration with them and the kids, I took home a telescope as part of the stuff they were trying to get rid of. It was missing the eyepiece, and based on some internet research I did, I was convinced it was cheap and might not work well. But it reawakened my astronomical interests, and I wanted one for the conjunction, so I found one on craigslist for $100 and bought it – an 80mm refractor. It worked fairly well, but the mount was pretty shaky, and I was convinced I would probably want to get another one before too long. But since I now had some eyepieces (it came with 2) I thought, “Why not get out the one I got from Mom and John and throw an eyepiece on it, just to check it out?” So I brought it out back, set it up, put an eyepiece on it and lo and behold, it worked wonderfully! I mean, I was surprised how much easier it was to move on the mount, and the view was clearer, bigger field of vision. Just better altogether.

So, I decided to box up the scope I had just purchased a few days ago and sell it for what I had paid. Then, I could just get an eyepiece and finder scope from the one I got at Mom’s. I listed the scope yesterday morning, and not even 2 minutes afterwards, I got a message via Facebook that someone was interested. I got like 3 more bites, but didn’t even need them – that first person sent his girlfriend over to pick it up like an hour later. I am in a bit of a tight spot now though because as of this moment, I do not have an eyepiece, nor a finder scope, and the closest pass for the conjunction is TONIGHT! Lol. I ordered one off of Amazon last night, and lo and behold – it came already this morning! I am a little concerned about not having a finder scope though, especially considering the fact that I got a 10mm piece, higher magnification, which means it will be more challenging to get a bead on them without a finder. I have a bit of a backup plan though – I actually found a little 50mm telescope at the Big 5 over on Arizona Ave. It comes with a cheapie finder scope and 2 eyepieces. So I think I am going to pick it up so I can use them for tonight, then either take it back to Big 5 or sell it on Facebook. I have no doubt it would sell quickly!

This last week, there has been some news come out that a new mutation of the coronavirus has been found in England, and it’s much more communicable. They are so concerned about it that several countries have banned people from England already. Then this morning, I read a post by Eric Feigl-Ding, a doctor I have been following since the beginning of the pandemic, and it raises some serious alarm bells. Apparently, they have found another mutated version in South Africa that carries a higher viral load as well. And apparently, several of the mutations are on the spike protein, which (this is my hypothesis) could make the vaccines worthless against it. Given the way the various countries are acting, I think this is pretty serious. And, while I am trying to not be too “conspiracy-minded,” it does seem like either nature is really pissed off and is working to get rid of us (a la the 4 horsemen) OR it is a bioweapon, and is mutating as it was programmed to do, to be even more communicable and deadly. This certainly sounds like something very, very strange indeed:

“They’re also wondering how it evolved so fast. B.1.1.7 has acquired 17 mutations all at once, a feat never seen before. ‘There’s now a frantic push to try and characterize some of these mutations in the lab,’ says Andrew Rambaut, a molecular evolutionary biologist at the University of Edinburgh.”

The fact that it acquired 17 mutations all at once – that sure reeks of something unnatural – something engineered, or prompted to happen; the fact it’s a feat that has “never been seen before.”

When I consider the fact that many are referring to the Great Conjunction that is happening today, Dec 21st, (an auspicious day because of the equinox) as the “Christmas Star,” and then consider the news about the coronavirus, and take into account what is happening with the political situation in this country, the climate change – I mean, honestly, it seems very, very laden with metaphysical significance to me. And I have had an intuition since the pandemic began that what we have been experiencing so far was part one of what was going to be a 2 part process. I don’t know why I’ve thought that, but I have. My gut feeling was that part 1 was super contagious, to get the initial virus into as many people as possible, and not extremely deadly, to cause people to let their guard down. Then, part 2 would be much more deadly. And because people would be tired of dealing with the pandemic, or some might think it was “overblown,” it would spread more easily. I realize this all sounds very fatalistic, probably sick in some sense.

But the fact is, I have felt since I was young that the human race, for the most part, needed a spanking – it’s honestly long overdue. And what has been happening here in the US, with over 70 million people completely blind to actual truth and facts – it truly seems like a great deception, on a level I’ve never seen. When the pandemic first hit, I got a strong sense of “this is it.” But as it progressed, and it was clear the fatality rate, while concerning, wasn’t nearly enough to really scare or concern people, I started to think maybe it wasn’t. Then when they started rolling out vaccines in the last few weeks, I thought that maybe my feeling was off – even though I don’t trust the vaccines (ewww, I hate to think I am aligning with some of the “hoax” and anti-vaxxers, but…) Now this news comes out, and it certainly seems serious – the fact that so many countries are scrambling to lock their borders down to visitors from England. And the fact that BoJo has enacted strict new quarantine rules and called an emergency meeting – seems pretty ominous.

And it’s not that I wish suffering, anguish and death on people – I really don’t. At least not a lot of people. But the fact is humans think they are completely immune from the workings of nature. They think that science and technology have gained ultimate supremacy, and we don’t need to worry about nature – we will always “win” in the end and are free to do whatever we wish. And I am not above reproach. I am maybe more aware of it than some, but I too consume far too much and don’t do nearly as much as I could to reduce my footprint, or to help the causes. But I have said before, and still believe – if I have to give my life as part of the “cleansing,” I am willing to do so. Things just can’t continue the way they are going – there won’t be anything left alive.

So is this “it,” or part of it beginning? Who knows. It sure feels singular though – there has never been a confluence of such powerful events in nature, the heavens, and the affairs of humans in my lifetime. And considering that the conjunction is the first one like it in 800 years – well, yeah. And then there is one other little tidbit – everyone forgets the “Dec 21st 2012” Mayan Prophecy thing. Well, what if the year was off – but the month and day weren’t? Yet another correlation. I have found in my time that when there is lots of correlation, it typically means there are powers and principalities at work. In any case, should be a great view of the Great Conjunction tonight, and I am going to take great care to protect myself and my family in the coming days and months. I just thought of another interesting correlation – “pray ye not that your flight be in winter, because in those days there shall be great tribulation…” Today will also be the first day of winter.