He’s a witch!

A quantum witch, to be exact. And if you didn’t catch it, the “he” is me lol. So over the last few months, for whatever reason (and no, it’s NOT because of the currently popularity of witchcraft, or “WitchTok,” which I’ve never even seen or whatever) I have had this strange compulsion to identify as … Continue reading He’s a witch!

Pulling back a bit

I’ve said this a few times before, and always end up putting myself back out there, but I honestly think this time might just be for good. I’ve been getting message after message after message from the Universe telling me that my path is to be a solitary one, at least in regards to the … Continue reading Pulling back a bit

A senseless bad omen, of the highest order

I saw this article yesterday, and was immediately gripped – first, by the sheer tragedy and unnecessary nature of it, and second, by the overt and powerful symbolism. From the article: The RSPCA said that it advised officers to leave the deer to make its own way home, explaining that deer sightings in urban … Continue reading A senseless bad omen, of the highest order

Things are really POPPIN’!

Wow, this last 24 hours has been crazy! So many planetary and solar events. Of course we have the La Palma eruption: Then this morning, I discovered that there was an earthquake in Australia yesterday: “Geologists say the quake is the largest in south-east Australia since the 1800s.” Then I woke up this … Continue reading Things are really POPPIN’!


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