Did I Write this Post – or Did AI…?

Sounds like a silly question, doesn’t it? Well of COURSE I wrote this post! But is it really a silly question? According to this article from Forbes, we might have to start asking that question much more frequently:

AI Can Now Write Amazing Content

Now as a writer myself, that sounded pretty scary actually – to think that I could be replaced by AI. Ok, so I’m not really a professional writer, so I don’t think there would be much of a use case for replacing me – no one is going to save any money on that lol. But I had to wonder – is there a chance that someday, it won’t be worth pursuing a career as a writer..? Might AI be able to create content better than humans?

It would seem that in some instances, it is already doing pretty well. According to the article, it is already being used for sports reporting, financial planning documents, and other items that might not seem to require a lot of true creativity. But apparently, there are also AI bots out there writing poetry, and one even wrote a novel (links to those in the Forbes article linked above). I haven’t checked out the novel yet, but definitely plan to. I did check out a site that hosts an AI writer and allows you to submit an article title, which the AI will then use to write a piece. I was a bit relieved when I read the output and discovered that it didn’t sound nearly as coherent or awesome as the stuff I write. You can check out the piece here:

AI Wrote This

But it seems pretty evident that as AI continues to learn and expand – especially with the use of quantum computing and leveraging “fuzzy logic” – it will become better and better at writing. And indeed, there might come a time when articles will need to be labelled “Human-created” or “AI-created.” I guess the real question would eventually be, which one would people prefer – who would be the better writers? It’s easy enough to say that we always will. But considering the fact that we don’t know for absolute certainty what true consciousness requires, and there is a chance that AI could become sentient, it seems these questions are becoming increasingly more valid – and urgent.

So I promise now – if any of my posts are written by AI in the future, I will flag them as such. Whether or not this post was written by a human or AI – I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Well Now – if THAT’S not Synchronicity…

So very shortly after publishing my previous post about Skyborg and comparisons with Skynet, I checked out one of my feeds to see this article, titled “AI disaster won’t look like the Terminator. It’ll be creepier.


And just in case you didn’t read my last post or forgot already, here is a blurb from it, talking about the name they chose to call it, ‘Skyborg’:

“Is it just me, or is it almost beyond creepy, as if someone is trying to mess with all of us, that they gave it a name so close to Skynet…? And honestly, Skyborg sounds even creepier to me!”

That, folks, is synchronicity – Magick in real life 🙂

Skynet, Skyborg – What’s the Difference..?


First off, let’s look at the similarities:

  • both are based on AI and the concept of autonomous decision making, no need for a human to call the shots (literally and figuratively lol)
  • both refer to defense related systems with the ability to kill humans
  • both promise to make us safer and help us, but that may or may not end up being the case
  • both were implemented before much thought was given to the possibility or ramifications of AI gaining sentience

So what is the major difference between the 2, other than the names, which are eerily similar? Well, the biggest one is that Skynet is, of course, the fictional system in the “Terminator” movies that ultimately decides humans are a threat and attempts to wipe us out.

Skyborg on the other hand is real. Yes, it’s almost unbelievable they would actually name something that, but indeed, the USAF has a program to develop autonomous pilots called Skyborg:

Skyborg article on C4ISRNET

Is it just me, or is it almost beyond creepy, as if someone is trying to mess with all of us, that they gave it a name so close to Skynet…? And honestly, Skyborg sounds even creepier to me!

This is the kind of stuff I like to post – stuff that doesn’t seem to get a lot of press, not many people seem to know or hear about, but is definitely worth some attention. There’s this whole whacky conspiracy idea out there about predicitive programming, and a lot of it is seriously laughable. But every now and then, something like this comes out, and makes me go “hmmmm…”

Everything is Connected – as a Scientific Truth

The Flower of Life

So I’ve been in a bit of a conundrum lately regarding this blog. It seems silly, especially considering the fact that so few people are actually reading it currently, but I’ve been torn as to whether I should post here as if I am trying to gain viewership, and filter all my choices through the lens of questions like “I wonder if people will like this post? Maybe I shouldn’t post again today – I don’t want to bug people?” and so on. I mean honestly, I would like to one day have enough followers, or a book deal, or something similar that would allow me to make a living writing. But should I actually write for that purpose? Should that be my main concern when I post stuff? I came to the conclusion this morning that no – no it shouldn’t be.

I write because I love to write, and I share the articles and posts I find because I like to spread awareness. I don’t do this for money (thank God, because I would be destitute right now if that was the case! Lol), I do it because I love to do it. I was thinking to myself this morning – I will continue to write whether or not I make it as a big-time writer one day. It’s not like at some point I would ever say, “well, I’m not making any money off this – time to try my hat at something else.” It’s not like that at all. I write because I enjoy it, and in some sense, have been compelled to do it. For many years, I wrote poetry – a LOT of poetry – which was ironic because I honestly couldn’t stand poetry lol. But the thoughts, the words and verses would come to me so strongly that I couldn’t not write them down – I was truly compelled. And it is often times that way with my writing still. To be certain, there are plenty of times I’m just writing casually too. But my best stuff always comes through me – not from me.

So starting today, I am going to cut loose and just post whatever I want, whenever I want, and if people don’t like it, tough! Lol. Like I said, it’s not like I have a readership of thousands who will be disappointed or something. I think I do have a few followers, and to you, I say thank you from the very depth of my soul. My dream has always been to share my thoughts with someone other than myself, my family, and my dog. Oh, who am I kidding – he’s way too into food blogs to take any interest in this science and spirituality stuff haha! My ultimate dream, as I have stated before, is to write my book. I have lived a pretty interesting life, experienced some pretty awesome stuff, and gained just a few grains of wisdom that I would love to share with the world. And I can do just that, a grain at a time, right here, right now.

I was thinking this morning about my belief that everything is connected, and how that is really not just some sappy hippie saying – “like, everything is connected man…” – but a scientific truth; it has to be if we are to believe science – cosmology and quantum physics. Cosmologists tell us that the universe started with the big bang, and that at one point – literally and figuratively – everything in our universe was condensed in an infinitely dense point – a singularity. Something caused that point to explode fantastically and eventually spread out to create all matter, all that is in our current universe. And because the laws of physics state that matter cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed, it stands to reason that every single thing is ultimately derived from the evolution of our universe that started with that process.

Now, if my understanding of quantum physics is correct, it would seem that at some point it time, right after that process started, all of the early particles that would go on to form various forms of matter and energy would have been entangled, because they issued forth from a common origin – one in which they were compressed to such a point that it would be hard to believe they could not have been entangled. And because everything that came after was derived from those early entangled particles, it seems it would stand to reason that every particle in the universe is entangled. And because matter is not destroyed or created but transformed, it would further stand to reason that the particles that make up our current universe are some of those very same particles – they have to be – and therefore, all particles in our universe are entangled. That seems to make sense to me, but I’m sure some materialist scientist could set me straight and tell my how I’m wrong. But honestly, sure seems like the reasoning is pretty solid, given what they purport to believe.

And all of that means that, scientifically speaking, every single thing – every person, every living creature, every rock, bacteria, cloud, wave, star – everything is quantum entangled at the deepest level; everything really IS connected! Of course the great mystics have told us that for years, but science and the priests of materialism assured us that was all mumbo jumbo, and that certainly, nothing was connected in such a manner. And our world society, our environmental policies, our social policies, our laws and associated economies were all built around that supposition. But what if everything really is connected..? Or more accurately – how much better could we make our world if we believed, and acted as if we believed the TRUTH that everything really IS connected at a very deep, very fundamental level..?

I think things are happening now that are going to usher in a new age of awareness: quantum physics, AI, CRISPR, quantum computing, astronomy, neuroscience, etc. Advances in all of these fields are pointing to an underlying layer of reality, belief in which has caused mystics and seers to be marginalized, made fun of, shamed and relegated to the slums of respectability for many, many years. But as science digs deeper and deeper into the foundations of our reality, they are finding out that it is much more fluid than they would like to believe. You know what I would really love to do? I would love to set an advanced instance of AI loose on some esoteric wisdom, psychology and neuroscience and see what it would come up with. Think about how it found an ancestor in our past that we were completely unaware of. Just imagine what kind of analogy might happen in those other realms.

It’s kind of interesting in an esoteric correspondence kind of way that next year is 2020. Might we finally see clearly for the first time in our collective lives…? I sure hope and pray so, and know many, many others do too.

CRISPR and the Coming of True Mutants

The title of this post probably sounds like something filled with hype, but considering this article, is it really? A scientist in China was revealed to have edited the genes of twins that were born last year using CRISPR technology to supposedly protect them from some kind of birth defect, and it is now being revealed that the same procedure may have led to superior mental abilities for the twins.


The article states that “The genetically-modified Chinese twins born resistant to HIV last year may also have mental ‘superpowers’ their creator has kept quiet – a cognitive superiority that could kick off a genetic arms race, according to new research.” But when asked about the possibility that the deletion of the gene could possibly lead to superior cognition and memory, “the Chinese researcher insisted that wasn’t his intention. ‘I am against using genome editing for enhancement,’ He told a genetics conference a week after the twins were born, though he admitted he was aware of research on the effects of CCR5-deactivation on the brain.” I trust him totally – I mean, why would he lie about that, right? Riiiiight. 

The point here is not whether he knew or not, whether it’s ethical or not – the point is that it is now actually possible to perform such procedures, and that it is actually being done. More accurately, the fact that it is being done has now been released to the public. I’m fairly certain though, as I’m sure others are, that this had been done long before the publication about the Chinese researcher. As I always say in my current career when asked if something is possible or not: given enough time and money, we can do pretty much anything. And there’s no doubt that there are plenty of people out there with enough money and influence to have tried this already. The fact that it made it to public release simply signals that it is happening on a more widespread basis.

I’m sure to some this may sound like “conspiracy nuttiness,” and perhaps it does. And I am the first to admit that I do lean towards conspiracy thinking on a number of issues. But I should clarify only on the ones that are scientifically possible or plausible (no flat earth, no reptilians, NO alt-right crap about races or anything), such as some of the ancient alien stuff, NWO, free energy being repressed (think Tesla – Nikola, not Elon), etc. But we know that certain technologies like GPS were known of and used by the government and the military long before they were released for public use. And in today’s world, where money is king, even above governmental power, there’s little reason to believe that a person with significant capital couldn’t procure the services and technology of another scientist in possibly the same or another country.

What does this mean for all of us? Well, the way I see it, it means that the stratification between the wealthy and the poor or middle class will only get more pronounced – that is, if nothing else fundamentally changes. But the whole point of this blog, of my whole like really, is that something can, needs to, and WILL change fundamentally if only we believe it can and work to make it happen in alignment with the will of the Spirit. In other words, as I have been saying, it’s time for the rebirth of True Magick – the kind that can stand against the darkness that the love of money and wealth is spreading. There is much more to write on this, but suffice it to say that the OQM (Order of Quantum Monism) is something that needs to happen sooner than later. I am putting the intention out to the Universe, putting out a call for help if you will, to aid me in getting this thing started off. I am humble enough to know I need help and to ask – I only hope my prayer will be answered. And if it could be soon, that would be great…. yyyeaahhh.

What’s a guy gotta’ do to get $250,000 anyway?


That’s the question that is burning in my mind this morning after waking up at 4am with thoughts about the book coming very, very strongly to me. I so wished I would have had the opportunity to jump out of bed and write down the stuff that was coming to me. Honestly, I could have – there was nothing really stopping me. The major concepts, the ideas to talk about, the purpose, the intro and title – it was all there. I felt for the first time since all this started happening again that I know exactly what I want to write about.

And more than that, I thought about how to speak to it, how to market it, “add-ons,” like a corresponding mobile app.. basically an entire business plan of sorts. Of course when I say “business,” I don’t necessarily mean it in the sense that the business world thinks of it. I don’t have some plan to market something that will make people a ton of money. I mean, I do think the book will be very successful, especially given the trick marketing campaign I have thought up (or has come to me maybe I should say). I even have an idea for a little “shtick” that will make it extra cool to all the millenials and young whippersnappers out there – a cool hashtag. Now, the trick is getting the funding to take the time I want to dedicate to really put all this stuff together.

I have been trying and trying to remember a site I had posted something to back in 2012 seeking investors for my “alternative community” that would survive 2012 lol. It was a pretty neat site, and while I obviously didn’t attract any investors, it was easy to use and seemed like it would fit the purpose I need now. I know there are people out there who write books while they are working their 9 to 5 jobs, and if I were better at multi-tasking, perhaps I could do that too. The thing is, I am having to take time away from my “real” job to write this stuff as the inspiration comes, and it honestly doesn’t feel good – it’s not right. At the same time, I am being compelled to write this stuff very strongly now, so I find myself in a bit of a conundrum.

I even thought this morning about taking a huge risk and seeing if I could get a small business loan for $250K. I’m fairly certain I could think up something web-based to get it. The thing is, I am terrified of what happens if I don’t succeed, then I owe all that money, and having been out of the field for a year, have a tough time getting back into the labor market. Part of me says “you know you can do it! Take the chance!” The other part of me says “are you crazy? You have a wife, kids, animals to feed and house – you can’t afford to risk their security like that!” So what am I to do…?

Again this morning, I made my plea to the Universe for a break of some kind. Honestly, it was a bit of a teary one, because I feel this so deeply, right down to the very core of my being – the person I have been since I can remember, and the thing I always wanted to do. It seems every time I read the story of someone who “made it,” they had some kind of small break – someone noticed them, or encouraged them, or something along those lines. I am really praying for my break. I remember back in ’90 when I quit my job at the bank and went to live with Willy to write my book. And I did just that. I spent many hours at his computer, organizing all of my works, typing them up, and putting rough drafts together to send out. And I did just that – sent them out to 10-11 different publishers. So it’s not like I haven’t done it before, and not like I wouldn’t actually complete the work. The difference is back then, I was young and single and could work like 20 hours a week so I would have time to write the book. I don’t really have that option now – not if I want to keep my family clothed, fed and sheltered.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but I am trying to do my part to make something happen. I have this blog I am actively posting to, I have my website that I am working on, I created a profile on writers.work, and am now trying to figure out how to secure some funding. I just need the Universe to do me a solid and give me a little “break” of some kind. The past few days, whenever I have prayed about something, it has been wild the way the Universe has answered; yesterday, finding the article about quantum monism; today, looking in my gmail inbox to see an email from David Wilcox talking about “going deeper.” I wonder what today will hold…?

Haha, very funny Universe

“Meteor” over LA

You ever get the feeling the Universe is messing with you? So remember last week, I had that mini post about a dream I had about a meteor? Then a few days later, a story about how a huge meteor that escaped detection exploded over the Bering Sea back in December. Needless to say, when I saw that article pop up, for just a moment, I was like “whoa!”


So yesterday, I’m checking out the daily news, and this article, about a possible meteor sighting over LA pops up, and again, for just a moment, I was like “whoa!”

The article states that it wasn’t a meteor, but a stunt by the Red Bull team. It sure looked like a meteor though, and the fact that twice in the last week there have been major articles about meteor related events definitely gives me pause.

Now the question is, will an actual meteor make an appearance soon? Those in prior generations often said things always come in threes.

Garbage in, Garbage out, and the Second Coming – Part II

After re-reading my post from yesterday, I realized that I never really made the connection to the actual first part of the title of this post. I had planned to get to the second part of it, but first things first –

The “garbage” in my analogy is all of the stories, ideas, concepts, sayings and principles that have been shoved into our brains from the minute we are born that define our views of reality. A great example of just one of these is “seeing is believing” – a seemingly innocuous phrase that seems true enough, right? Surely, you can’t believe in things you don’t see. A great example for atheists and materialists of this is God – you can’t see God, no proof, so why believe? Ghosts, UFOs, spirits, all kinds of stuff can be covered by that, and seems sensible enough. More recently, there is the idea, the scientific principle that nothing can exceed the speed of light. And yet, in quantum entanglement, the state of one particle, separated by millions of miles from another, changes instantly when the first one is measured – much faster than the speed of light allows. So even this bedrock scientific “truth” is not entirely true, but we are supposed to continue believing it is.

But wait a minute – what about X-rays, can you see them? Yet we know they are real. Or how about microwaves? What about gravity? Indeed, there are all kinds of things we can’t see but know are real. Of course scientists would argue that we can see their effects and construct experiments which lead to proofs, and I agree with all of that. But the greater point is, believing doesn’t always require seeing, so that saying is not – or shouldn’t be seen (punny) as entirely true. And in fact, some new thought practitioners have coined the phrase “believing is seeing” to address that. But the even deeper point is just how pervasive this pattern is, how all-encompassing, and how much it defines not only what we believe, but what we attempt – or are willing to attempt to do, where we spend our time and resources, how we organize our societies – everything is based on these ideas and assumptions – most of which are garbage in my view.

I briefly mentioned yesterday the law of correspondences, a Hermetic principle that loosely means things in the inner realms are often mirrored in the outer. In this example, think of all the waste that our society produces. I’m sure you’ve seen articles about the huge garbage patch floating around in the Pacific, read stories about the plastic rings that cause birds to starve, polluted rivers, smog – etc etc. We create a lot of waste and pollution – a lot of garbage. Our society is built on materialist principles, and our impact on the planet and its life shows that.

If our society was based on different principles, might it be different? What if, instead of being seen as some hippie, dreamer, delusional idea, the thought that we are all truly connected to all other living things and the planet itself – what if that idea was treated as true? My daughter and I were talking about plastic bags and the environmental issues associated with them the other day, about how hard it will be to get everyone to start using reusable bags, when she asked , “couldn’t they make all bags biodegradable so then there wouldn’t be a problem?” Well, now there’s a thought. One has to wonder – why do “they” put it all on the consumer, that it’s OUR fault, that we need to start bringing our own reusable bags to fix the issue, when they could completely eliminate the problem at the source? I could be wrong, but I am going to just make a guess here – could it be, oh, I don’t know, maybe MONEY. I’m guessing it’s more expensive to make those kind of bags, so, because we live in a society ruled by materialism where he or she who has the most material rules, we don’t see any companies racing to make all bags biodegradable, when it seems like such an obvious answer. If the people who owned those companies were taught that they are truly connected to all of those creatures whose lives are being destroyed by their choices, might they choose differently? I think so. Actually, I know so. And someone else knew too (finally, we’re getting to the Second Coming part lol).

First, a bit of a disclaimer here. I am not, repeat NOT a Christian, and not affiliated with any religion. The following views are based solely on my experience, not meant to slight any other spiritual teachers, and not meant to imply that they aren’t as great. I’m merely sharing about my experience and beliefs. I tend to follow Buddhist principles, but don’t necessarily claim to be a Buddhist. I do believe that the being known as the Christ was one of the greatest spiritual teachers to ever walk the face of the planet, the other being the Buddha. I have also studied some Native American spirituality, Judaism (in particular Kabbalah), Hinduism, some of the ancient mysteries, occult stuff, etc. I think it’s important to put this out there to frame the next few paragraphs, as I am going to get into some Biblical Prophecy stuff up in here.

When I was in my early 20’s, I was extremely angry at organized religion, and rather pissed off at this Jesus fellow for starting this religion that seemed to be so hypocritical. I decided that it probably wasn’t fair to be mad at him though without actually reading what he himself said, so I set out to read all of the Gospels, word for word. I’m sure I had been exposed to parts of them before, but we weren’t church goers when I was a kid, so I had never read them entirely. I only knew the cliches and sayings, and had seen a couple of movies about him. To say that I was completely shocked when I had completed them is a total understatement. How in the WORLD did they get away doing everything he told them not do, not doing anything he told them to, then creating a religion based on him (again, something he told them explicitly NOT to do), and sell it to billions of people as his teachings over the last 2,000+ years…?!?! I mean, truly – WTF..??? If you haven’t read them in a while, I challenge you to go back and re-read them, only them, on their own, and you might see what I mean. The term “Christianity” and the religious thought systems it represents is THE greatest example of just how powerful “they” are at convincing people what is true and what is not, what is possible and what is not, even when the original information, written by the supposed “creator” of said movement, flatly states the complete opposite.

Christ never calls himself the son of God, he only ever refers to himself as the “Son of Man.” Yet they declared him to be and call him the son of God. Christ said constantly, “worship not me but the Father that is in me,” yet they created the religion in worship of him and include effigies of him in the churches. Christ said, “if you believe as I believe, works as these and GREATER you will do.” But they said he alone was the son of God, that we are all sinners, and it’s blasphemous to compare ourselves to him. Christ said that it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven, yet the very foundations of our capitalist, materialist society are supposedly “Christian.” Christ said that when we pray, we shouldn’t go into churches and synagogues and pray around a bunch of other people using vain repetitions, but that we should pray in private. They created religions based on everyone praying vain repetitive prayers gathered around everyone else. Should I continue, or is the point made? I know it was made for me. Basically, Christ got ganked. And somehow, SOMEHOW, almost everyone has gone along with it or let it slide for the last 2000+ years. My reason for explaining that is simply to show that it’s not fair to throw out everything he said because of what the church did to him and his teachings and to demonstrate how easy it is for them to state what is true and what is not, and convince everyone of it, even to the point of killing others or going to war, even when the ACTUAL TRUTH is right there for all to see. Dang, this has been a lot of build-up! That’s why I really want to get a book published… there’s just so much to all this. But on with our story –

In the Gospels, Christ talks about when he will return, what signs people can look for. In Mark 14:62, Christ is quoted as saying “…and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.” In the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 24:14 talking about the days leading up to his return, he says “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” When Jesus is comforting the disciples in John 14 because the know he has to leave them, he says ” If ye love me, keep my commandments. And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.” It’s interesting to note that the original Greek said “parakletos,” which was translated as “comforter,” but also has a meaning as an advocate or even defender. This is what is recorded in the Bible. What does it really mean? Well, I’m going to tell you what I feel it means.

First off, I don’t think Christ was talking about he himself coming back in some human form to save everyone. I think he was referring rather to that spirit, that consciousness that he was a manifestation of (think “the Father that is in me”) returning to this world. That consciousness could be described as the manifestation of Ultimate Truth, or Awareness of Life, or something along those lines. And I think there are some social movements now, especially among younger people (the strike for the climate recently comes to mind) that are starting to show a return of that consciousness. He mentioned coming in the “clouds of heaven.” As a web developer, I can’t help but think of the cloud – the “mystical place” in cyberspace where most web applications are now hosted. Think how often you hear about “the cloud,” and how everything is moving to it. And then the gospel (truth) being preached in “all the world.” Before the advent of the internet and the world wide web, it’s pretty tough to see how that could actually happen. Now, something can be broadcast globally, to all the world, with the click of a button. So to sum up my thoughts:

I think the Christ Consciousness is returning to this planet right now via the world wide web, and the advent of cloud computing, AI, and quantum computing is speeding up the pace at which it is happening. I think materialism has finally reached a point that people are truly disgusted with it, and see that the foundational ideas and beliefs we have built our world society on are flawed. People are sick of being told, “That’s just the way it is, you can’t change it. There will always be the haves and the have nots. It’s the American way, the American dream. We can’t just give people stuff for free – there isn’t enough! Everything will be fine, those people are just doom sayers or crybaby liberals. Humans aren’t causing climate change – it’s natural. Wealth and fame are the ultimate success – he/she who dies with the most toys wins. Our golden rule – he/she with the most gold rules.” That’s all a bunch of garbage. And someone needs to come and take that crap OUT.

With every article that gets published about some startling new unbelievable discovery – time moving backwards, objective reality not being real, AI completing task in minutes that would have taken humans hundreds of years, a mysterious energy that nudged the universe into existence – another little piece of trash gets removed from the collective unconscious, and replaced with a little spark – a spark of possibility that threatens to burn down the whole heap that has us all buried so that we can rise from the ashes as the Great Phoenix and fly towards our greater destiny.

I don’t know that this turned out quite like it came to me initially, and for that, I am a bit disappointed. But if at least a little bit of the spirit of what I am hoping to convey got through, then I am grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read this – many blessings…

Garbage in, garbage out, and the Second Coming – Part I

I thought I could get this all out in one post, but turns out I had more to say than I thought, so here is Part I. Part II coming tomorrow…

In my day job, I am a web application developer and spend my days writing code for sites rather like this one you are viewing now. Well, not quite like this one really, more “business-y” style ones, but you get the drift. We have a saying in my trade, “garbage in, garbage out.” It basically means to us that no matter how great an application you create, if you put bad data into it, you are going to get bad data out. Part of our job as developers is to try to add as many safeguards as possible to prevent users from being able to put bad data in – validation and checks that notify the user that the data is invalid, and prompt them to correct it. Of course, there is no way to avoid all such instances, as a value that may be perfectly valid may still be incorrect or inaccurate. If you’re entering the name of your third child and put in “Jenniher” instead of “Jennifer,” that’s a perfectly valid sequence of characters, though inaccurate. And even if we make the application completely bulletproof, there is a deeper layer that can cause issues, one that is often completely overlooked and transparent to the end user most of the time, and that’t the OS – the operating system. Think Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. Most of the time, the OS runs smoothly, and we don’t even know it’s there. But if there are issues, they are typically major, and we could end up seeing the “blue screen of death” and losing everything.

I see our brains as quantum computers and think that very similar concepts apply. Our subconscious is like our OS – most of the time, it runs completely unseen, unnoticed, and everything goes smoothly for us. Our conscious mind is like the main processor, our thoughts like the applications, and all the external input – music, TV, web content, movies, books, conversations, etc – like the data going into the applications. We use our conscious minds to filter out the stuff we don’t like, let the stuff we do pass through for further processing, and spend our days doing this continually as we wade through the ever-increasing deluge of data. But honestly, there is just so much data coming so fast, that our filters often times can’t keep up, and so to take some strain off our processors, we loosen them up a little bit – let more stuff through, just ignore it. An example for me is some of the song lyrics I referenced in one of my past posts. I love the music, like to sing along, so I let words and phrases that I don’t agree with at all get past my filters because there is just too much other, more important stuff to think about.

And underlying all this conscious thought, there is our subconscious, our OS, constantly running. And while we are not even aware of it, it is soaking up all kinds of stuff we are not even consciously aware of. For those of us who tend to be on the more reflective, self-aware side, it’s probably a little less, but it still happens. And just like an OS on a computer, if something gets stuck in it, or we have an issue in there, it is much more difficult to find and get fixed. We can’t simply uninstall it as we would an application, or stop thinking about it as in the case of conscious thoughts. We often have to take it to a specialist to get fixed – a PC repair place in the case of a computer, and a psychiatrist or counselor in the case of something in the subconscious. Of course, many of the issues like depression, anxiety, etc are noticeable in our conscious thoughts, but are often related to traumas or stories we tell ourselves that we are not even aware of – they run deep under our conscious awareness. So where am I going with all of this?

The materialist philosophy has been programmed into us for the last several hundred, maybe even thousands of years, at the level of our OS, our subconscious. It has been drilled into us so deeply, the central idea about what is real, what is possible and what is not, that most of us don’t even notice or question it. Anything that can’t be explained using materialist science – and I mean anything and EVERYTHING – is written off as some kind of delusion, some psychic “mumbo jumbo” (the LOVE to use the ‘mumbo jumbo’ term), solipsism, pseudo-science, you name it. Just something not nice though, something that indicates some lack of intelligence or validity. At the same time, any theory, now matter how whacky, implausible or improbable is completely valid and acceptable as long as one of them comes up with at, and they all agree with it – e.g. the many worlds hypothesis, which states that any time any person in the universe makes a decision, 2 new entirely separate universes spin off, one for each decision, such that every moment, literally billions of universes are sprouted. That, that is completely valid, even as utterly preposterous, unbelievable and improbable as it sounds. And by “they,” I mean the scientific philosophical shot-callers who decide who gets published and who doesn’t – who gets grants and prestige, and who gets pushed to the fringes. So they have decided, told us, programmed into us our beliefs about reality, and those beliefs have shaped us and our world. And through music, TV, politics, advertising, school curriculums, etc, they reinforce those materialist beliefs.

But they are starting to run into some real issues. It all started with the birth of quantum physics. Initially, they thought they could just separate it out (the Copenhagen Interpretation, which Einstein did NOT like, think “God does not play dice…”) and simply state that there would be one theory for everything above the atomic scale, Newtonian Physics, and one for everything smaller, quantum physics. And they have gotten away with that quite nicely for the last almost hundred years, sending everyone off on some great quest to find that one, unifying theory, a “theory of everything” that would unite the two schools of thought. And any time anyone tried to even hint at some deeper meaning or possible metaphysical connection to things like entanglement or superposition, it was just more of the negative campaign ads against it.

But as much as they have tried to assure us all that they would be able to explain everything, they are starting to run into some real issues. I think they were pretty confident that once some of the strange paradoxes of the quantum world could actually be tested instead of just living as thought experiments, they would discover something was off, their materialist view still held sway, and they could introduce some new theory. But every day, we see the results of experiments being published, results that I have highlighted here on my blog, that defy materialist logic and reason : the arrow of time being reversed, objective reality being different for 2 people observing the same thing, quantum entanglement producing instantaneous effects over vast distances – they are proving that all of that stuff is REAL. They can’t completely explain it yet using materialism, but they refuse to even CONSIDER any theory not based on it. But never mind that. That’s not what’s important about all this anway.

What is important about it then? Hopefully something since I just made you read all that, right? Lol. The thing that is SO important is that, whether they like it or not, they are providing the product keys for the OS upgrade so many of us have been waiting and praying for. When a person reads something published in a reputable scientific journal that states that objective reality isn’t real, and scientists have PROVED it – just think what a profound effect that must have on our subconscious even if consciously we could care less. When we read something that says some “mysterious force” seems to have guided the early development of the universe, then vanished, what parts of the collective unconscious that has been developed over millions of years must jolt awake and think of the ancient creation myths, the old stories of darkness falling on the face of the deep, and that God, that Spirit, that Source, that Higher Consciousness from which we were created. Indeed, I know that when I read those articles, something very deep within me, something beyond scientific explanation, resonates, almost vibrates, sending chills up and down my spine as I feel the very foundation of my – of our – reality shifting.

Tomorrow, I will continue and get to the “Second Coming” part of this. Spoiler alert – it is NOT about some guy coming back to save us all (sorry if you’re bummed about that) – at least not in the sense you might think. And I guess it is pretty appropriate that I talk about the second coming in the second part, eh? The law of correspondence is so cool… more on that later too.

“Whoa…” meteor moment made me think…

Is it just me, or does it seem like, intentional or not, I have a lot of M-style alliteration that happens with the titles on this site..? Kinda’ interesting and cool, considering the name is an M-style alliteration itself. But I digress…

When I saw this article pop in my newsfeed, for a brief moment, I thought “whoa…” I mean, it was published yesterday, but… The event actually happened back in December of 2018, so I can’t take credit for my “mini-post.” Still, pretty interesting though:


I’ve been busy with a little home improvement project, so haven’t had much time to post. I have something brewing in my head though, as is often the case, so planning on posting something of substance tomorrow. Tomorrow night is also the last supermoon of 2019, so that will be a cool time to post something – lots of mystical moon (there it is again! Lol) energy to bathe in. Until then…