Deltacron as Shiva – Hypothesis Update

On my post from January 11th about my hypothesis regarding Deltacron as a possible instantiation of Shiva via AI, I wrote this:

If my hypothesis is correct, I believe the next bit of obscure news about this (I haven’t seen the refutation I referenced mentioned anywhere else, seems as though it’s being kept on the DL) will be that it isn’t necessarily just an artefact, it’s been found in more countries, but still isn’t of concern – no way it can compete with plain omicron, or something along those lines. Following that progression would come something like, “ok, it’s real, and is spreading a little bit, but still – nothing to worry about.” You can guess the continuing progression.

Now over the last 2 months, the BA.2 sublineage has really gained traction in Europe and is causing spikes there again. Thoughts (among those with brains that is lol) are that it will soon start surging here in the US again too. I’m fully expecting that by next month, we will be back on the rollercoaster. But there has also been another story sneaking into the news – and guess what that might be?

And what did they say about this Deltacron, now that it’s been found int he US, and is believed to be real?

“The fact that there is not that much of it, that even the two cases we saw were different, suggests that it’s probably not going to elevate to a variant of concern level” 

I don’t know – that seems pretty close to my hypothesis to me.

And just today, some actual scientific evidence posted:

I guess now, the question is – what comes next? Honestly, I’m not sure. As intuitive as I have been about this all up to this point, it’s almost like there’s some kind of block or filter preventing me from getting a sense of what comes next. Of course, I believe in the whole “knock and the door shall be opened” adage, so this morning during my morning prayers, I did just just that – I asked for a glimpse into what might be coming next. In the Prophet spread reading a I did a few days ago, The Tower card came up in the position of “upcoming expression,” but that leaves a LOT open to interpretation, and could apply so so many different things.

So now, I keep my eyes peeled, my ears, mind, heart and spirit open, to whatever messages the Universe/Source/Goddess/God/Spirit might have for me. I do have to say that I am pretty tripped out that the Shiva hypothesis seems to be tracking so far! I’ve had my share of failed predictions lol. In fact, I think I even wrote in that post (or the one before it) that I was hesitant to post it because of how many times I’ve been off the mark. But maybe it’s just like anything else – it takes practice. A lot of arrows have to miss the target entirely before they start tracking towards the bullseye. But if a person doesn’t keep shooting for that target, they’ll never get any closer to hitting it. Yeah, maybe it’s like that. I like that.

Blessings to anyone who reads this – thank you for taking the time. I wish you safety, serenity, and clarity of mind and spirit during this time of momentous change.