Forgotten indeed. But enough whining – big UAP news day!

I was thinking as I got ready to start writing this that perhaps I misnamed this site, or my “persona” – because for something or someone to be forgotten, they first have to be known. And this blog so far hasn’t been known by literally anyone but me. Not that I thought it would, honestly. But as I said in the title – enough whining. There are things much more important than this blog, hard as that may be to believe.

I have been into UFO stuff pretty much my whole life. This last few years, with the To the Stars Academy, #ufotwitter, Ancient Aliens, etc, the topic has gotten a much-needed injection of attention and even validity. Of course there was the release of the 3 USN videos by the New York Times back in 2017, then the article verifying the validity of them last year. A few weeks ago, former DNI Radcliffe disclosed on Faux News some compelling information that seemed to indicate there are a lot more encounters than the public knows about, and “they” have a lot more data about them. Mixed in with all of this were rumors (starting about a year ago) of some pictures or video taken by the Navy of an unidentified triangular craft, and one dropping into the ocean – a “multi medium” type deal.

Of course I, and thousands of others, have been DYING to see these pics, and praying for them to be leaked or something. Well, today is the day – we finally get to see the pics and even video of what they describe as a “pyramid shaped” craft. And they did not disappoint! At least not me – there are plenty of whiners and skeptics on twitter – surprise, right? Lol. Here it is, in all its glory:

And you know, I just thought of something – why do they describe it as “pyramid shaped” instead of triangular? Is it just a coincidence, considering how much mystique there is about everything ancient Egypt, and especially concerning the ancient astronaut theories.

Anyway, it’s a pretty big deal, I think, and it definitely feels like we are moving closer and closer to complete – whatever that means – disclosure.

In other news, I’m not quite sure what the celebrating in the last post was about – maybe this? I was thinking more lottery related, but hey – you know what they say about beggars lol

Also, we are heading on an overnight up to Payson this weekend to look at a few pieces of land. One is in Gisela, up on the ridge where that guy Joe used to live. I remember thinking how cool those places were. We are looking to start buying a piece of land to put our tiny house on in 10 years. We’re also going to look at one north of Payson. The trick is to find one that has hookups for electric, water, etc, but also allows you to put something mobile or small on it. Initially, we were looking at a piece of land in Flowing Springs, but there are restrictions that require properties to be at least 1200 sq ft or something. I am pretty stoked about the Gisela land, honestly.

And it kinda has a tie-in to the UAP story too, because almost all of the paranormal experiences I’ve had – at least the most powerful ones (the lightning, David and I watching the UFOs) happened up there. So it’s kinda cool to think of being back in that place. A lot of the stuff I have been reading and learning about regarding the phenomenon talks about location being important. Seems rural places are better, and certain places are closer to the (???) – places like Skinwalker Ranch. In any case, it will be nice to get out of town.

It’s nice to write something again. I have kinda’ given up on the “getting known” thing for now. Seems like that’s just not part of the path for me. And you know what, as long as I keep making progress up that spiritual mountain, I am honestly ok with that. Oh sure, I get a little jelly when someone posts something on twitter and gets hundreds of likes, while I post something, several somethings, and get – literally – none lol. It’s almost comical.

But then I have been watching Hellier, and in the last episode of season 2, they are frustrated and disappointed after doing a ritual in a cave, one that took a lot of time and prep. Then they read something that says something to the effect that being extremely frustrated – that itself is part of the path of initiation. So that was cool! I only wish there were more synchros, more coin-incidences going on. But hey, I am living a very blessed life, things have been extremely, so I am grateful above all else. Always – gratitude first. Thank you Mother, thank you Father, thanks to All – amen, and amen!

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