The Muse returns

Hopefully I am not being premature in saying that, but I am going to be optimistic and go with it, because I have REALLY missed it – praying it is so!

I was just reading a post I wrote in January of 2020 that talks about how hard it is to write when the muse is gone. And sure enough, my big plans to go ahead and write my book fizzled. Oh sure, I kept posting every so often when something interesting happened, or I had something I really wanted to say or capture. But there wasn’t any real ‘inspired’ writing to speak of – nothing that just “came to me” – until this morning that is.

I was going through some of the more memorable lines from some of my early poems that I still remember – not nearly as many as I wish I remembered. And I was thinking about what’s going on in the ufowitter community that I have become a part of. There is a real shift taking place, with the US government finally coming out and admitting that UFOs/UAPs are real – there are actual objects in our skies that are unidentified, are not Chinese or Russian drones, not advanced US tech – TRULY unidentified. There is a movement that started in 2017 with To The Stars Academy – Tom Delonge, Lue Elizondo, Chris Mellon, etc – that has resulted in videos from military pilots being released, along with other stuff, much through Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, that has made it virtually impossible for the government, media or everyday people to write off belief in UFOs as “whacky conspiracy theory.” Disclosure is really happening – right now, as I write.

And with that, a whole new area of thought and conversation has taken bloom – one I have been engaged most of my life: the connections between science, technology, consciousness, spirituality, reality, different dimensions, non human intelligence, even life after death. It seems that the very idea that there could be intelligent life from elsewhere has opened up the floodgates of wonder, and the materialist paradigm that has ruled for hundreds of years now is starting to actually crumble a bit. Cracks have been forming, especially since quantum mechanics was born, and this new revelation is really putting some (much welcomed by me) stress on the materialist foundations of modern society.

So perhaps it’s not such a surprise that the muse has returned to me at this time. Actually, nah – it is a surprise still, a wonderful one! Lol. Because I was re-reading a post someone on Twitter had written about how she was struggling, how it seemed that all the science she had learned was coming up lacking, and she was feeling a bit lost, a bit down. And as I thought about that, a little poem came to me – some words to maybe capture that feeling, along with some hope. The last line was a little iffy, a few different versions popped into my head, but overall, it was like the old days – it just came to me, very freely, and nicely captured the essence of the situation, and the comfort of Spirit:

My mind was tired

So I set it down

To see what I could see.

I finally perceived

What I never believed –

Source was part of Me.

Just a little diddy, but a nice rhyme, nice flow, and reassuring message of truth from Source. I posted it on Twitter, and am really hoping this could be the trickle that starts the stream of poetic love and wisdom flowing through me again. I wasn’t sure it could ever happen being sober, and I am SO happy and excited to think it can!

Thank you God/Spirit/Father/Mother/Universe for the gift – I hope to put it to better use this time, now that my Temple is much more stable 😉

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