The “religion smorgasbord” – part 2

I presented the first 3 courses of my 7 course spiritual meal a few days ago. Today, I present the next 4 – enjoy!

Hermeticism: the classic “As above, so below;” how the One becomes Many, and the Many, One; alchemy, which is really the process creating a perfected (or as close as possible) human.

It’s hard to actually state what it is Hermeticism addresses, because it’s profoundly deep, yet simple. That’s to say, there aren’t a lot of big words used, but there are multiple layers of meaning to the teachings. What I refer to with this reference is primarily the works of the “Divine Pymander,” which are ascribed to the legendary Hermes Trismegistus. There is also another view or aspect of Hermeticism, which takes into account several different teachings, including Kabballah. But that one is big enough, that it deserves its own entry (below.) Hermeticism is often associated with magick, and rightly so. When one reads the works, one can see the roots or flavors of almost all the world’s religions.

Kabballah: the “science” of God; the study of how an infinite being can manifest on a limited plane of existence; deep explanations of the different aspects and characteristics of the godhead.

I like to think of Kabballah as the “thinking person’s” spiritual study. I used to wonder a lot about God – whether it was possible to really know anything about him/her/it. How can a finite mind in a 3 dimensional body even begin to know what an infinite, boundless being/energy is really like? Well, Kabballah does probably the best job of any tradition of taking a deep dive into those very questions. If you hooked your house up directly to the power lines that run out of a generating station, it would be incinerated. The power is stepped down via a system of transformers. The same happens with the power of the Infinite, and Kabballah explains how.

The Templar Tradition (based purely on the book of the same title): the Quest for spiritual Truth; explanations of many of the deeper mysteries in the Western Tradition; the importance of the Divine Feminine; the origin of humankind.

When I came across the book “The Templar Tradition” in 1994, it truly was – is – like the Holy Grail to me. I had been studying spiritual wisdom, in particular the life of Christ, secret societies, Gnosticism, etc, and I had SO many questions. I actually found the book after a long string of synchronicities, which I refer to as “the coin-incidence,” and it provided many of the answers I was looking for, and in a way that resonated deeply with me as being Truth. It should be said here that I am not on some mission to inculcate a reverence for it into everyone, or create some movement based on it, etc. In fact, some people might read it, and find it lacking. But for me personally, it was life-changing, and defines my spirituality. It bears very little resemblance to all the modern media tales of the Knights Templar, and reveals the fact that one of the secret missions of the Templars was to unite the three great world religions at that time – Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The book has been out of print for a long time, and sometimes, seems like it doesn’t even exist, outside of the copy I have lol. If you follow me on Twitter, I like to post little nuggets from it.

Quantum Physics (I know, I know, not technically a religion): describes possible mechanisms behind spiritual concepts like ‘everything is connected,’ ‘all is mind,’ ‘believing is seeing;’ a branch of science that no one can completely explain, and includes things that should not be possible given the current laws of physics.

Ok, gotta’ say right off the bat, hardcore materialists, scientists, and atheists HATE when spiritual people bring up quantum physics. They can’t stand the fact that such silly people as those who believe in a God would dare to reference something they OWN – the study of a branch of physics. But see, that’s the thing – they don’t own it, even though they think they do. And as much as they have tried, they still cannot completely explain how it is that the things at the quantum level can happen as they do. Concepts like entanglement, superposition, quantum tunneling – if you read up on them , they seem downright supernatural: the ability of 2 particles, even in different galaxies, being connected such that acting on one INSTANTLY affects the other, greatly exceeding the speed of light; an electron existing as a wave, but somehow “knowing” if it is observed, which causes that wave to collapse such that it becomes a particle – unobserved, it goes back to acting like a wave; the ability, based on the phenomenon of superposition, of a particle to traverse physical barriers, as if walking through walls. All of this is quantum physics – provable, actual effects at the quantum level.

And right now, if I was posting this on Facebook or another social media platform, the materialists would descend on this to explain how all of this is wrong – they can describe exactly how all these things happen, and there is nothing “mystical” about it. But the thing is, they can’t – not yet, not completely. They have resorted to theories like “multiple universes,” where every single time anyone makes any decision at all, an entirely new universe branches off, ad infinitum. Now, how that is an explanation – it certainly is not provable – I don’t quite know. But I guess it makes them feel better, so… Lol. Personally, I and many others believe that many of the answers to so-called paranormal or supernatural phenomenon lie in quantum physics. And if you’ve listened to any of the stuff from Lue Elizondo recently, talking about UAPs, he mentions “quantum processes” very often.

So there you have it – the spiritual smorgasbord that feeds my soul. Interestingly enough, the current focus on the UAP/UFO phenomenon really seems to be igniting synchroniticies again, for me and numerous others, from what I read on #ufotwitter – an online community of UAP/UFO enthusiasts that I have become part of. And I love it, because there are so many open-minded people who are part of it. I guess you kinda’ have to be to believe in the reality of those things. And to be certain, there are all different kinds of people, beliefs, viewpoints, motives. I personally believe that spirituality is a totally individual thing -there are as many different “religions” as there are people. It is up to each of us to find that perfect recipe that allows us to progress further on the path to Truth. If anything I have said here helps anyone in the tiniest way, then I will be very grateful indeed to be able to pay back Spirit for all the guidance and help I have received on my Quest for the Grail. Many blessings to you on your path to Truth.

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