Coin-incidences aplenty – #synchrotrack

After posting that Alpha and Omega bit yesterday, I had a coin-incidence occur that was so blatant, so undeniable, so utterly implausible that I literally laughed out loud. Shortly after posting it (within 2 hours), I just happened to be listening to BMTG (Bob Marley Tuff Gong radio) on SiriusXM, when I caught the words the singer was saying, and I was dumbfounded –

“I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end…”

WOW. Now I know – there are those who would say this is just a random occurrence, blah blah blah. But ask yourself honestly – how many times in the last year have you heard or used the terms “Alpha and Omega” together? And what exactly would the statistical chances be of writing about those terms, and then hearing a song – a song that I just found out was JUST released a few days ago, adding to the improbability! – on a REGGAE station of all places, of that EXACT title, that is literally about the very subject..??? I mean, even my wife, who is very skeptical about this stuff said, “Maybe the aliens are trying to talk to you?” Lol.

And yeah – backtracking a bit, here is a link to the twitter post from yesterday:

What I DIDN’T know, until literally just now, is that that song was just released on Friday!

So odds that were already astronomical just went up even more. If I had published that post last week, the song literally wouldn’t even exist on the airwaves yet. But wait – there’s more!

Turns out, someone else on Twitter has been experiencing some coin-incidences with Alpha and Omega too, and just happened to be looking into the meanings of Aleph and Tov just yesterday:

Ok, ok – this is just all too much. I mean, it really is, right? It can’t be just me who sees the utter implausibility of all these things happening by mere chance alone. Especially not to someone like myself who actually coined (bad pun) a special term (actually, my good friend Doug did – miss you brother) for special ones, “coin-incidence.” No, there is no amount of explaining or mathematical or statistical gymnastics that could make me think anything other than this is Source/God/Universe/Spirit/ETI/Higher Selves/Whatever communicating with us.

So I have decided that rather just sit back and go “Woooowwww….!” as I have been the last several years, I would like to actually DO something with the information. And not just me – I would like to see if other people would be interested in studying THIS phenomenon more closely. I know most of us are already really busy with all kinds of other stuff, and people are studying that ‘other’ phenomenon voraciously right now –

but what if all I asked is people to tag their Twitter posts so I could find them easily? I’m thinking/hoping that might work, and asking folks to tag super special synchronistic posts with “#synchrotrack” so that I can gather them up and see if I, or anyone else who’s interested, can gain any insights from them. For the #ufotwitter crowd, who knows – perhaps this is a manner by which ETI attempts to communicate with us? For us mystics, maybe it’s the Universe/Source? For others, maybe there is some as-of-yet-unknown kind of physics behind it? In any case, just like the other phenomenon, this is real, and as one of my Twitter friends said, “This is important.”

Of course I don’t have a huge following on Twitter, and I’m not sure most people know quite what to make of me, so this could be a bit of a flop. But even if just one or 2 other people participate, it will be 2-3 times as much info as I have on my own, so that’s a good thing! And as with everything in this realm – I am just doing what I feel I am being guided to do honestly. And whether or not anyone else does participate, I am listening, I am paying attention, and I am going to start taking it a little more seriously, see if I can figure out if there is deeper meaning and communication behind these events. I hope that others will join in the Quest – should be fun! #synchotrack , away!

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