Holy crap – the synchronicities are INSANE!

Ok, this is getting to the point that I am almost losing ability to function in actual career, as the number of synchronicities and coincidences is piling up so much, so often – it’s just astonishing. To think that at one point, not that long ago, I was afraid I might never again experience a period like that one all those years ago. I’m about one miracle away from saying that what’s happening now actually ECLIPSES that, if you can believe that.

I should probably try to list them all out here for posterity or something, but I’m vibing way too hard right now, if that makes sense lol. So here is a bullet list – this is all just today:

  • Was pondering the organization of the Eternal Temple last night, then saw the post from Anna about people need to create stuff together, basically
  • Chatting with Kristi about the golden eagle being hurt, how she prayed in the Temple about it, “Love it if We Made it” came on ALT Nation at that very moment
  • A few people posted some stuff about dreams involving the sun, I posted a poll about it, this afternoon a friend posts a spaceweather notification that the sun popped off 2 C class flares and small CME
  • Tessi finally checked her mail, and sent me a text flipping and tripping out, because she was literally JUST going to text me to ask for a crystal or necklace, only to open the mailbox and find one

I think I even missed a few, but this is the gist of what’s been happening. Reading this over as an objective observer (I just tried that), it’s easy enough to say “meh,” and I wouldn’t blame anyone. That’s the thing about synchronicities – there is a major aspect to them that is subjective, that another person can’t necessarily “get” without having experienced it themselves. Some are easy enough to get the general specialness of, like the story Jung tells about the beetle showing up on the window outside his office when he was working with a patient. But some require a little more background, or intimate, inside knowledge.

In any case, even my daughter said that she has been experiencing a ton of them too, and was actually feeling some anxiety about it. I get it. It’s so unreal, that it doesn’t quite feel right – almost unsettling. Hmmm… that sounds familiar.. wasn’t there a video titled that or something? Lol

But I told her to embrace it, to recognize it as magical and spiritual and that it was a sign in being in Flow with the Universe. She seemed to feel better after that. It truly is magical, and the thing this time is, I’m SOBER! And it’s not just me this time either – it’s a bunch of different people! Wow… I swear, I am literally vibrating. I find myself wishing SOOO much again that I could just win the lottery or something so I could have all my free time to devote to this, to the Temple. This stuff is happening, like, really, and I want so badly to be able to help bring focus to this energy to assist in the creation of something truly grand!

I pray that the opportunity will manifest in my reality soon. I always had an intuition that when the time was right, it would happen. And I have been wrong many, MANY times before. I am really hoping and praying that

1 – it was/is real intuition and not just wishful thinking, and

2- that this really is the time, because I feel like I have been waiting FOREVER. And

3 – this is my destiny I believe, like the thing I am really good at, the thing I want to give back to humanity, to Mother Earth, to all the plants and animals and other living things, to all the Teachers who have come before.

In a phrase from Hamilton, “I don’t wanna’ miss my SHOT!”

If there was ever a time, it is now. If ever there was enough high strangeness, synchronicity, and magic happening, it is now. Please Spirit/Creator/Source/God, let it be NOW!

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