Cast ye not your pearls…?

Yesterday, I was feeling a bit inspired, really grabbed on to the “Grand Attunement” idea, was pretty stoked, and actually thinking about doing a video on it. That was yesterday.

Today, whatever inspiration I had is pretty much completely gone. I checked back on my YouTube channel, and interest seems to have completely fallen off a cliff. My first vid got like 70 views – the next 2, like only 20 or so. Which indicates to me that over half of the people who watched the first one weren’t interested enough in whatever message I had to offer to watch any more. Or perhaps the awesome production value was just too much for them lol.

Now of course I know, have known for a long time, that it is a very small population of people indeed who are truly interested in the stuff I am, to the depth I am. It’s always been that way. I had thought, hoped, that the community on twitter was a bigger audience, and certainly, 20 views is like 18 more than I would have expected. I guess I was just hoping for a little more interest. To be sure, I have a few people who are extremely interested, and I don’t want to downplay or take that, or them, for granted. I GREATLY appreciate them (you know who you are lol), and I would happily continue making videos if it was only them interested.

I guess I never really gave up on the dream I had all those years ago of truly being some kind of “prophet” for the current age. That probably sounds very self important, or like a delusion of grandeur, but if one knows about the fate of most *true* prophets, it’s not a position of fame, fortune, acclaim, etc – hence Jesus saying “And he said, Verily I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own country” Luke 4:24.

So I guess I pretty much answered whatever question I had then, didn’t I? True prophets – not that I am one, mind you, though I aspire to be – don’t get rich, don’t have tons of followers, don’t become “influencers.” We are the voices in the wilderness that cry out to those who will listen. And what do we really know anyway? Honestly, it doesn’t take any prophetic skills to see where we are right now in this world, and where we are headed. No, it’s become painfully clear even to the skeptics.

I do have some kooky ideas about some things I thought/think might be possible, and throw them out sometimes to see if others think they might be so too. I always hope that someone will. And as I mentioned, there are a few people who are there with me; for them, I am extremely grateful. But maybe my thoughts and ideas aren’t really “prophecies” or divinely inspired – maybe they are just what they are, kooky ideas I have that are more wishful thinking than anything. Maybe other people see that, and that’s why they don’t stick.

So maybe I need to start keeping those ideas to myself and to my inner circle of friends who truly are interested. Maybe there is no real value in exposing myself and my deepest thoughts to the world; maybe it’s the “cast ye not your pearls before the swine” – not that they are pearls, and certainly not that I think anyone out there is “swine.” But maybe putting myself out there is doing more harm to me than good for others. I don’t know. That’s certainly how I’m feeling today.

So I won’t be doing any video today. I spent some time doing some personal research on some Native American teachings about the True White Brother/Pale One, but will probably just save them for a later blog post. UFOs are far more interesting and glamorous than this stuff. And if it’s hard to provide any proof for them, well – good luck proving ANY of this drivel! This prophet is out for the day, maybe the week or month a far as videos go. I will continue posting here on my lightly trafficked website where I can whine and wallow in self-pity mostly unnoticed. I guess if there is any real benefit in having very little interest, it’s that!

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