He’s a witch!

A quantum witch, to be exact. And if you didn’t catch it, the “he” is me lol.

So over the last few months, for whatever reason (and no, it’s NOT because of the currently popularity of witchcraft, or “WitchTok,” which I’ve never even seen or whatever) I have had this strange compulsion to identify as a witch. I fought it for a while, because honestly, it seemed corny to me, and I was concerned that maybe I WAS hopping on the witchy bandwagon, even if only subconsciously. So I allowed myself to think about it, but not take it entirely seriously.

But the compulsion wouldn’t go away. For some reason, some part of me inside was demanding to have some kind of identification, and I tried out all kinds of other names, titles, roles, identities, etc, none of which felt right. No matter how much I didn’t like the thought of it myself, I kept being pushed towards accepting witch as my identitification.

So I started taking it slightly more seriously, and some concerns arose about what might happen if I did identify as such. Would people think I was just trying to jump on the “current trend” bandwagon as I mentioned above? What would women who are witches think of some guy declaring himself a witch? Would it be like some kind of appropriation? And do I even ‘qualify’ to be called a witch? I mean, I don’t want to come out and say I am something if really am not. All these questions floated in my head. And would not go away. Lord knows, I tried to ignore or shoo them away.

I finally decided to take the next logical step, which, for a mystic lol, was to do a Tarot reading for myself. The gist of it was basically that the path I was currently on, the one of the mystic knight, was no longer productive for me; that I knew it, but wasn’t being entirely truthful with myself; and that I needed to balance seeking answers within with seeking answers from others. It really resonated, given the yearning, the compulsion I had been feeling to identify as a witch instead of the spiritual knight, or even magician. I also happened to be reading a book about archetypes, and it opened my eyes to the possibility that I had become stuck in the Warrior archetype, but it was time to move on – to stop being hung up on the Templar stuff, the coin-incidence, all that stuff.

Next, I saw that someone was offering to do readings for people, so I took her up on one. She actually recorded the reading on video so I could see it, which was really cool! This was the very first called she pulled:

So yeahhh… I mean…

The rest of the reading indicated that I had a decision I needed to make. The very last card was from a different deck, and it was a butterfly, with the caption “Metamorphosis.” Seeing a pattern here? I was.

“Ok, ok Universe – kinda getting a vibe here that maybe I SHOULD take the leap and identify as a witch.” But before I could do that, I needed to talk to a few very spiritual women I know, one of whom is a witch herself, and get their opinions. I am very cognizant of the way that the Divine Feminine has been treated down through the centuries, and I did not, DO not, want to be seen as another man taking something that belongs to women. That was really important for me.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that both of the wonderful women I chatted with believed it was perfectly fine, and actually encouraged me. In fact, the one whom is a witch herself basically said that she thought I already was one, had the altar and everything! Lol. Which is totally true. So now I had Tarot guidance from my reading, direction (confirmation maybe even?) from another reading, and expression of support from some women friends.

The next thing I started wondering about was, what KIND of witch am I? It’s not like there’s just one. There are several different kinds it seems, some overlapping – eclectic, hedge, cosmic, gray, coven-based, solitary, thelema, etc etc. I had seen something a while back about eclectic witches, and the description fit me to a T. So initially, I was going with that, but it just didn’t seem entirely right for some reason. I thought about ‘eclectic gray witch,’ which felt closer, but still not quite right for me. I thought more about me – what I believe, what I practice, how I meditate and pray, what I study, etc – and it seemed pretty clear that, if there was such a thing, I was probably a “quantum witch” – a witch with a strong science background who works primarily with energy itself, using the knowledge of quantum physics, like superposition, entanglement, etc, to support and strengthen their spiritual practices.

I started doing some searching on “quantum witch,” and 2 things quickly became clear:

1 – there were very few pages, articles, etc discussing such, and those that were out there had not been maintained or updated from anywhere from 1 to 7 years.

2 – the few things I did find TOTALLY resonated with me, and led me to believe that I was a quantum witch.

And number 2 was topped off by this finding this image on the FB page of that name. I considered this the final “sign” – I was, I am, convinced.

But why is that so convincing?

Because this is my profile header for Twitter, and the red and blue Mandelbrot pic has been my Google and Gravatar image for several years now:

And it’s not like the Mandelbrot set is some hugely popular thing you are just bound to see. I have seen a few other profile pics out there, but I mean, what are the chances? Even the placement at the lower left hand corner of the banners is strikingly similar.

So there you have it folks – I am now Kevin, the Quantum Witch. I think I always have been, or at least have for a long time, but I am claiming it now. Actually, to be more accurate, it is claiming ME! Lol. And I am good with that.

Time to enjoy the adventure of integrating a new archetype, one shrouded in intrigue, mystery, and MAGIC – whoopee!

2 thoughts on “He’s a witch!

  1. Don’t get too hung up on those labels. Millenial witches are really obsessed with that, but they can be restrictive. Study what paths and techniques interest you, work how you feel moved to work. You don’t have to justify anything to anyone.


    1. Thank you for that! And I totally agree. I normally don’t care too much about, or for, labels – was kinda shocked myself that it was so important to some part of me. And I’m too old to care too much what others think – it was more about satisfying that inner need.


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