Everything is Connected – as a Scientific Truth

The Flower of Life

So I’ve been in a bit of a conundrum lately regarding this blog. It seems silly, especially considering the fact that so few people are actually reading it currently, but I’ve been torn as to whether I should post here as if I am trying to gain viewership, and filter all my choices through the lens of questions like “I wonder if people will like this post? Maybe I shouldn’t post again today – I don’t want to bug people?” and so on. I mean honestly, I would like to one day have enough followers, or a book deal, or something similar that would allow me to make a living writing. But should I actually write for that purpose? Should that be my main concern when I post stuff? I came to the conclusion this morning that no – no it shouldn’t be.

I write because I love to write, and I share the articles and posts I find because I like to spread awareness. I don’t do this for money (thank God, because I would be destitute right now if that was the case! Lol), I do it because I love to do it. I was thinking to myself this morning – I will continue to write whether or not I make it as a big-time writer one day. It’s not like at some point I would ever say, “well, I’m not making any money off this – time to try my hat at something else.” It’s not like that at all. I write because I enjoy it, and in some sense, have been compelled to do it. For many years, I wrote poetry – a LOT of poetry – which was ironic because I honestly couldn’t stand poetry lol. But the thoughts, the words and verses would come to me so strongly that I couldn’t not write them down – I was truly compelled. And it is often times that way with my writing still. To be certain, there are plenty of times I’m just writing casually too. But my best stuff always comes through me – not from me.

So starting today, I am going to cut loose and just post whatever I want, whenever I want, and if people don’t like it, tough! Lol. Like I said, it’s not like I have a readership of thousands who will be disappointed or something. I think I do have a few followers, and to you, I say thank you from the very depth of my soul. My dream has always been to share my thoughts with someone other than myself, my family, and my dog. Oh, who am I kidding – he’s way too into food blogs to take any interest in this science and spirituality stuff haha! My ultimate dream, as I have stated before, is to write my book. I have lived a pretty interesting life, experienced some pretty awesome stuff, and gained just a few grains of wisdom that I would love to share with the world. And I can do just that, a grain at a time, right here, right now.

I was thinking this morning about my belief that everything is connected, and how that is really not just some sappy hippie saying – “like, everything is connected man…” – but a scientific truth; it has to be if we are to believe science – cosmology and quantum physics. Cosmologists tell us that the universe started with the big bang, and that at one point – literally and figuratively – everything in our universe was condensed in an infinitely dense point – a singularity. Something caused that point to explode fantastically and eventually spread out to create all matter, all that is in our current universe. And because the laws of physics state that matter cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed, it stands to reason that every single thing is ultimately derived from the evolution of our universe that started with that process.

Now, if my understanding of quantum physics is correct, it would seem that at some point it time, right after that process started, all of the early particles that would go on to form various forms of matter and energy would have been entangled, because they issued forth from a common origin – one in which they were compressed to such a point that it would be hard to believe they could not have been entangled. And because everything that came after was derived from those early entangled particles, it seems it would stand to reason that every particle in the universe is entangled. And because matter is not destroyed or created but transformed, it would further stand to reason that the particles that make up our current universe are some of those very same particles – they have to be – and therefore, all particles in our universe are entangled. That seems to make sense to me, but I’m sure some materialist scientist could set me straight and tell my how I’m wrong. But honestly, sure seems like the reasoning is pretty solid, given what they purport to believe.

And all of that means that, scientifically speaking, every single thing – every person, every living creature, every rock, bacteria, cloud, wave, star – everything is quantum entangled at the deepest level; everything really IS connected! Of course the great mystics have told us that for years, but science and the priests of materialism assured us that was all mumbo jumbo, and that certainly, nothing was connected in such a manner. And our world society, our environmental policies, our social policies, our laws and associated economies were all built around that supposition. But what if everything really is connected..? Or more accurately – how much better could we make our world if we believed, and acted as if we believed the TRUTH that everything really IS connected at a very deep, very fundamental level..?

I think things are happening now that are going to usher in a new age of awareness: quantum physics, AI, CRISPR, quantum computing, astronomy, neuroscience, etc. Advances in all of these fields are pointing to an underlying layer of reality, belief in which has caused mystics and seers to be marginalized, made fun of, shamed and relegated to the slums of respectability for many, many years. But as science digs deeper and deeper into the foundations of our reality, they are finding out that it is much more fluid than they would like to believe. You know what I would really love to do? I would love to set an advanced instance of AI loose on some esoteric wisdom, psychology and neuroscience and see what it would come up with. Think about how it found an ancestor in our past that we were completely unaware of. Just imagine what kind of analogy might happen in those other realms.

It’s kind of interesting in an esoteric correspondence kind of way that next year is 2020. Might we finally see clearly for the first time in our collective lives…? I sure hope and pray so, and know many, many others do too.

CRISPR and the Coming of True Mutants

The title of this post probably sounds like something filled with hype, but considering this article, is it really? A scientist in China was revealed to have edited the genes of twins that were born last year using CRISPR technology to supposedly protect them from some kind of birth defect, and it is now being revealed that the same procedure may have led to superior mental abilities for the twins.


The article states that “The genetically-modified Chinese twins born resistant to HIV last year may also have mental ‘superpowers’ their creator has kept quiet – a cognitive superiority that could kick off a genetic arms race, according to new research.” But when asked about the possibility that the deletion of the gene could possibly lead to superior cognition and memory, “the Chinese researcher insisted that wasn’t his intention. ‘I am against using genome editing for enhancement,’ He told a genetics conference a week after the twins were born, though he admitted he was aware of research on the effects of CCR5-deactivation on the brain.” I trust him totally – I mean, why would he lie about that, right? Riiiiight. 

The point here is not whether he knew or not, whether it’s ethical or not – the point is that it is now actually possible to perform such procedures, and that it is actually being done. More accurately, the fact that it is being done has now been released to the public. I’m fairly certain though, as I’m sure others are, that this had been done long before the publication about the Chinese researcher. As I always say in my current career when asked if something is possible or not: given enough time and money, we can do pretty much anything. And there’s no doubt that there are plenty of people out there with enough money and influence to have tried this already. The fact that it made it to public release simply signals that it is happening on a more widespread basis.

I’m sure to some this may sound like “conspiracy nuttiness,” and perhaps it does. And I am the first to admit that I do lean towards conspiracy thinking on a number of issues. But I should clarify only on the ones that are scientifically possible or plausible (no flat earth, no reptilians, NO alt-right crap about races or anything), such as some of the ancient alien stuff, NWO, free energy being repressed (think Tesla – Nikola, not Elon), etc. But we know that certain technologies like GPS were known of and used by the government and the military long before they were released for public use. And in today’s world, where money is king, even above governmental power, there’s little reason to believe that a person with significant capital couldn’t procure the services and technology of another scientist in possibly the same or another country.

What does this mean for all of us? Well, the way I see it, it means that the stratification between the wealthy and the poor or middle class will only get more pronounced – that is, if nothing else fundamentally changes. But the whole point of this blog, of my whole like really, is that something can, needs to, and WILL change fundamentally if only we believe it can and work to make it happen in alignment with the will of the Spirit. In other words, as I have been saying, it’s time for the rebirth of True Magick – the kind that can stand against the darkness that the love of money and wealth is spreading. There is much more to write on this, but suffice it to say that the OQM (Order of Quantum Monism) is something that needs to happen sooner than later. I am putting the intention out to the Universe, putting out a call for help if you will, to aid me in getting this thing started off. I am humble enough to know I need help and to ask – I only hope my prayer will be answered. And if it could be soon, that would be great…. yyyeaahhh.

The Journey Begins

(originally published January 3, 2019)

Ok, so here is my new blog – one which I can hopefully access at work (I know, that sounds bad, but hey – keeping it real). I was thinking this morning that my writing skills are really starting to get rusty, and I need to start blogging again, even if just to keep them sharp. I do still hope to write a book or something someday, so this is just part of “keeping the dream alive.” I don’t know if I will actually use this as a true ‘blog’ in the hopes that others will read it, but we’ll see.

It does seem pretty easy to use so far – although I’m not sure why it keeps wanting to name it “Kev’s Quantum Connections”…? I keep trying to make it just Quantum Connections, but it INSISTS on adding Kev. But, in the spirit of letting the Universe guide me, of letting Spirit do the driving, of letting Fate direct me, of Jesus taking the wheel – I think you get the idea – I am going to let go of the need to control it, and leave it as it is.

I was wondering how realistic it would be to have a blog that is based primarily on gathering and posting links to things I find interesting -quantum physics, AI, CRISPR, neuroscience, spirituality, etc..? I mean, considering this is just going to be for me to begin with, I think I will go with that, and add my thoughts about stuff. Yeah, that sounds good. I have something cool I want to add for the first link – I need to find it and post it… Stay tuned.

My Newest Blog

…for a new New Age. That’s how I’m thinking of this. I’ve had a number of blogs in my time, most being basically online journals where I shared my thoughts with my favorite audience, and the only person I thought might actually understand them – myself. But lately I have been itching to write the book that has fomenting in my head for the last 30 years or so. And since I have to work a 9-to-5 to pay the bills and don’t see myself having the time to necessarily sit down and write the whole thing at this moment, my wife made the brilliant suggestion that I start blogging to get the thoughts I would like to share out there. And so, partly because she is a genius and rarely wrong, and partly because I don’t have any better ideas, I am doing what she suggested lol.

“So why blog anyway, why share your thoughts with the world?” you might be asking yourself. I know I’m asking myself that at this very moment. I guess the answer is because I think – I know – there are a lot of things going on in the world right now that have the capacity to completely change life as we know it, and most people are either completely unaware, uninterested, or misinformed about them. Developments are occurring in quantum physics, artificial intelligence (AI, which I actually prefer to call “Non-biological Intelligence”), neuroscience, gene editing (think CRISPR), quantum computing, etc that are creating new paradigms and definitions of what it means to be human. I’m not some kind of doomsayer who is going to cry about the robots coming to take our jobs – even though many economists are saying that is going to start happening, but I said no doom – or some Terminator-style apocalypse. But for sure there are things that are fast-approaching, much more quickly than most realize, that are going to force us, especially those in power, to make some big decisions. And I think people need to be aware of that.

Mixed in with all that is my personal take on everything, which is, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, coming from a spiritual or metaphysical point of view. While many hardcore materialists seem to despise people like me (a LOT more on that later), I believe it is entirely possible, even necessary, for science and spirituality to coexist in equal measure in the mind of a person. Einstein famously said “Religion without science is blind, and science without religion is lame.” Of course almost all scientists nowadays seem to hate that quote, or will argue that’s not what he meant, but that IS what he said. And while I am not big on religion, the spirit of the quote is understood: blindly pursuing science without thought of the ultimate purpose of it, or the true “why?” particularly as it relates to how it will impact us, other living things and society as a whole is misguided at best, and destructive at worst.

You might be wondering about the title of the site, and the other pages. The title has, as many things I like and many deep truths seem to have, layers of meaning and purpose. I wanted something that would capture the spirit of my philosophy on life (magick) while at the same time providing a term that would grab people’s attention – especially young folks – and perhaps direct them here even if accidentally, hence, the word “meme.” Interestingly, perhaps even coincidentally (I LOVE coincidences by the way!) I found when looking at the actual definitions of both words that they actually capture my intentions quite nicely:

Magick:  the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will 

Meme:  an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.

A meme is said to act “as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices, that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena with a mimicked theme. ” (Wikipedia). 

Blogging with a conscious intent to bring about a change in people’s thinking and behavior – that’s Magickmeme.