Magic, magic – magic everywhere – LITERALLY

A spam email from Oracle with the title “Top Reasons to Attend: Including a Touch of ‘Magic'”. An umbrella ordered from Amazon by my wife, the brand is Magictec. A post about quantum physics that mentions magic. A van I see on the way to work yesterday as I am praying about metaphysical/magical stuff, the name of the company in big letters on the side of the van, “Abracadabra.” Magic is literally everywhere lately it seems.

And I found myself wondering this morning – has it always been like that, and I am just now noticing? It is possible, though I tend to think not. How is it that it is popping up so much now? I am reading the book “Synchronicity : An Acausal Connecting Principle” by Jung right now, and in it, he discusses this very question. The levels of synchronicity occurring right now are off the chart it seems, particularly as far as magic is concerned. Is it perhaps like a virtuoso sitting in an audience as just another member, unnoticed, but filled with awesome potential if only he is called on to perform..? That is an analogy I came up with to illustrate the fact that it has always been there, I just haven’t called on it, if that makes sense.

I have been wondering if this is all leading anywhere magical – I certainly hope it is. I remember the coin-incidence back in ’93-’94, and I felt very strongly it was leading to somewhere incredible – like I would realize my deepest dream and desire. But then I lost the coin, which I think was extremely symbolic – I lost it both literally and figuratively, physically and spiritually. Is it possible that I get another chance to hold the coin and this time, I am strong, disciplined and humble enough to carry it to a more magical reality? I really, really hope so.

And maybe this is all just stuff that’s happening, that I am noticing, and this is the more magical place. I guess ultimately I would like to be able to make a living doing something more spiritually fulfilling, and that’s what I mean to myself when I say “magical place.” I certainly have put that intention out to the Universe, and and hoping and praying that it is a place that exists for me – or is coming into manifestation. Abracadabra! ß

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