Well now, that’s quite a strong wind there!

This is absolutely incredible, this article posted in Scientific American today about something referred to as “Quantum Monism”:


Pretty hard to not think of that as some kind of new religion or spiritual philosophy at the least. The ramifications of that article are truly astonishing – basically mirroring EXACTLY what I have been thinking for some time – that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in our universe is quantum entangled. In fact, I think I have a post that talks about that very thing – I need to find it so I don’t have to re-state it….

(post link to my own post here)

To think that something like this is coming out in Scientific American, a very highly respected scientific magazine…. wow. I am literally tripping out! For those who don’t know, understand or care about this stuff, it’s no big deal. But for me personally – I can’t even describe what this means – to think that the whole paradigm of materialism and current understanding of the foundations of our very reality might be changing at the level that really matters (or so they think lol) – the the much-revered and all-hallowed halls of the high and mighty edifice of science built on materialism, and all that issues forth from it. Wow.

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