Charging the Deck – Tarot Time Again

Many a moon ago, I fancied myself quite the Tarot reader. Actually, to be more honest, other people considered me to be so. I enjoyed the cards and did readings for friends and myself. I was pleasantly surprised at how often people reacted in an almost astonished manner, feeling as if the cards were literally speaking to them. It’s been at least 20 years since I last did anything with them. But something compelled me to get some more, and so I did.

It’s always important with stuff like this to “charge” it – infuse it with energy of an appropriate kind. I have found that when I am “in the Flow,” it’s best to go with my gut, not necessarily what some book on the occult says, and follow the method that is guiding me. Here, I have 3 of my most meaningful pendants, a galaxy crystal ball on the crown, and Horus and Isis on each side. Rather than explain everything, I’ll let you look at it and ponder what it means to you – or what you think it means.

If you feel compelled, leave a comment with your explanation. Your answer is probably more accurate than mine – since I don’t know what mine is! Lol

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