A mini post – for posterity

This could end up being silly – wouldn’t be the first time lol – but something is moving me this morning to post about part of a vision I had this morning during my morning prayer and meditation. I can’t remember the whole situation at this moment, but I do remember very clearly a meteor falling and being somewhat awestruck by it. I really wish I could remember what happened before and after in the dream/vision, if anything did, and perhaps I will later.

Of course it could have been purely symbolic – the “out” for all failed prophets haha – but something compelled me to capture it, and so I am.

And no fears that I will start posting everything I see in dreams or visions, hoping one actually happens so I can say “look! I’m psychic!” I know better than that – been there, done that, bought the tshirt. But I have also learned to listen to my gut (well actually, I haven’t learned that completely, I’m working on it) hence this post.

More later, but I said this was a mini post, so yeah.. 🙂

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