Haha, very funny Universe

“Meteor” over LA

You ever get the feeling the Universe is messing with you? So remember last week, I had that mini post about a dream I had about a meteor? Then a few days later, a story about how a huge meteor that escaped detection exploded over the Bering Sea back in December. Needless to say, when I saw that article pop up, for just a moment, I was like “whoa!”


So yesterday, I’m checking out the daily news, and this article, about a possible meteor sighting over LA pops up, and again, for just a moment, I was like “whoa!”

The article states that it wasn’t a meteor, but a stunt by the Red Bull team. It sure looked like a meteor though, and the fact that twice in the last week there have been major articles about meteor related events definitely gives me pause.

Now the question is, will an actual meteor make an appearance soon? Those in prior generations often said things always come in threes.

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