And so it begins…

The writing of the book, that is. At least I’m giving it a shot. I honestly have no idea how it is going to turn out – or if it even WILL turn out. But I have finally made a decision, after praying, meditating, and contemplating about it, to just start writing. I have a good idea of what I want the plot to be, just not sure where it will go ultimately. I’ve also been struggling a bit with the mechanics, like whether to tell it in first person, third person, present or past tense. I have opted for first person present tense, but that can always change later.

It’s kinda funny, because I have made a somewhat risky decision to actually write about writing the book in the book – I guess you could think of it as a fractal novel lol. I think it would be good to do that though, especially given the ideas I have for the plot progression. And I had a hunch that first person present tense might be perfectly suited for today’s younger audiences, and I just read an article stating that very thing. So I guess I will go with my hunch!

I guess the question now will be – do I keep writing stuff about the book separately, here on this blog, or do I just do it there, since it will be self-referencing anyway…?

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