Coin-incidence II – wishing on a star

A “falling star” to be exact lol. Of course we know that falling stars are really meteors, and I just happened to see one on my way to work this morning as I was driving west on the 202, getting close to work. Incidentally, I was saying one of the Buddhist prayers I had memorized when I saw it. Earlier on my drive in, I was thinking back on my spiritual journey, and in particular the coin-incidence, and just how powerful it was. So when I saw the “shooting star” I decided to make a wish.

At first, I was going to wish to win the lottery like usual lol. But then I reconsidered, and thought about why I would want to win the lottery – what I would ultimately like to receive or achieve. And it came to me that what I would like more than anything is to experience another string of events, of a spiritual/mystical nature that rivals the coin-incidence in intensity, meaning and feeling. So THAT is what I wished for.

Thinking about it more, I realized that it would even lead to greater prosperity, because I know the things I witnessed back then, and I fully believe that the main reason they occurred was because of just how strong my belief in my God, my self, and my destiny was. So it follows that, if my belief could be that strong again, the things I dream of could manifest in my life, with or without winning the lottery. Because it’s not about the money, it’s about progressing in spiritual and mystical development. And I’m not necessarily trying to save the world anymore, I am trying to become the “me,” the highest “Me” I can, and achieve a more powerful, direct, persistent connection to source and to my Highest Self.

I do admit that I think the drugs back then helped to lower my inhibitions, decrease doubt and open my mind to infinite possibilities. The question has been since getting sober – can I somehow achieve those same levels of belief without substances? I know Buddhists achieve very high levels without any substances, and I have to believe it is possible. And I have been doing everything I can think of to increase that energy flow: I have a bedside altar that I maintain daily and purposefully; I am wearing crystals and amulets daily and mindfully; I got a new flute and have been playing it when I can; I have been working on intensifying my meditation, focusing on numbers, structures, materials; I have been reading texts on mysticism; I have been blessing my pendants and crystals in the light of the full moons; and I have been praying, a LOT about it.

I believe that I can, through humility, gratitude, and devotion, experience another coin-incidence. I am opening myself to it, and the meteor I saw this morning is the first sign. I am going to really be keeping my eyes, ears, and all senses and awareness open to moments of synchronicity.

And of course with all the coronavirus stuff going on, it does seem a little more “apocalyptic” than normal. I’ve always, or at least for a very long time, had an underlying belief that I was here at this time to see the apocalypse, the Great Purification, the Second Coming, whatever you want to call it. Many times I have lamented being incarnated during this sickeningly materialistic age, and many times received some kind of message inside that it would be worth it – that I wanted to be here now. And a little deal I have made with the Universe – and I hope it signed off on this! Lol – was that before shit really went down, as a “reward” for my devotion, I and my family would be granted passage out of Babylon to the mountains or something so we could avoid the worst of it.

Now this could all be some silly pipe dream I’ve told myself to comfort myself. But there is some part of me, deep inside, that truly believes it and has total faith. I hope that part is True, and really my Highest Self speaking, and not my ego speaking out of fear. In any case, I am ready for the next great thing – I’m ready for another _____-incidence. It’s time for a new spurt of growth, and I am ready! Please, with Gratitude in Advance, Let It Be So.

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