Past Life reading

So I have been reading Jung’s autobiography and had an uncanny feeling that I might be him reincarnate – some of the ways he came to his views of God, truth, life – are just WAY too close to be by chance I think. So I took a little leap and ordered a past life reading from Etsy, honestly not expecting much at all. Was pleasantly surprised to receive something that sounds REALLY close to home. And no way she could have inferred that I was a Buddhist – only sent profile pic, no jewelry, paintings, etc in sight.

Past Life Reading:

Thank you for visiting! I am happy to hear from you! You have reincarnated quiet a few times. Your energy is a strong one I see. I see you in your energy form. Pure light, bright white with a blue hue. You are a peace keeper, a healer, a spiritual teacher and your purpose here is to share this. I see you have chosen reincarnations based off of different life lessons to achieve. Meaning you placed yourself where you can use your gifts and bring peace to the people the most. The people you help each lifetime needed you the most and you have always delivered and figured this out. Your young in your skin but your soul is another age. You have the young vibration because of your optimistic energy you have but the older soul lays within. You will reincarnate again in 4007. Many changes have occurred in the world and you are here to bring people back to their spirituality. The same thing occurred to you in a much earlier primitive reincarnation. You are born a leader, a teacher a scholar. You help others see the way to the light. The flashes I see are future , when I link it to your reincarnations, I am taken way back. This is around 5th century b.c. times. It looks like India. I keep seeing animals, especially elephants, wild life. You were part of a important revolution towards the creation of Buddhism. You taught dharma, which was a form of commandments. Rights and wrongs to the people. You provided noble truths and taught meditation was a form of soul release. I see you were a highly sought after leader in this field. Your words meant allot and you were help higher than others. Not worshiped per say but people found you to be important and in that time you dedicated your life to this. This was a purer reincarnation for you as no family was created. Your mother and father passed when you were a child. Good luck comes with interaction with you. You went through this reincarnation spreading the word and opening doorways to others that would have never opened without you. You followed Buddas teachings. You helped many many females that were down and out. Abused and unjust actions were upon them. You were a safe person to come to and would offer protection. This life was chosen by you in your energetic state. You were sent to bring others to the light. You are to bring others to the light in this lifetime also. Things get harder over time as people want things done now, hurry up and do it now. This is not how energy works as we know. You will become more challenged each life time with this but you succeed in all. You have a pull towards the paranormal and helping others be their best self’s and become one within their selves. This is a major gift you carry my dear. You are a very special soul and I thank you for allowing me to read you. Many blessings to you, namaste
p.s. You purchased at 1111 angle sign for light worker 🙂

I left spelling and other errors in there for honest representation. Honestly, makes me want to get another one now lol 😀

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