Etsy Shop! First Sale? Almost…

I’m bumming just a little bit at the moment, as I opened an Etsy shop last week – exciting stuff! – to sell some Tarot readings, and I thought I had my first sale yesterday. But it turns out the guy didn’t actually want a reading, was looking to purchase an actual card I think, which I assume he got somewhere else. In any case, I refunded his money, so the transaction is going actually end up costing me money, as there is a slight fee for refunds. So yyyeaahhhh… My first transaction ends up being a net negative one. Oh well. It was still exciting to have someone actually purchase one, and it lets me know that people can see the shop and are able to purchase stuff. So overall, I guess it’s a positive. But I’m still bummed out a little bit.

As so often happens with these things, it is EXTREMELY slow starting. I was hoping I would have at least one actual reading by now, and with that cancellation, I still haven’t done one for anyone. I ordered some bracelets from a wholesaler that I am going to list too, so maybe they will be a little more successful. And I know I need to be patient. I guess this is a dream of mine, to be able to make a living doing stuff I REALLY love, and seeing that it’s in my grasp, that it is a realistic possibility, makes it even tougher to accept the slowness. And I mean, it is extremely exciting just to think I have a shop now! I put some nice work into it, and Emilee, Tessi and Janelle all said it looks really nice. Debbie did too, but admitted that it’s not really her specialty lol. I had actually been concerned about what I would do if I got too busy, but so far, that has not been an issue.

So still I wait for my first actual purchase and real reading. And I remember how grateful I am to even have the opportunity. The shop was relatively easy to set up, and I am very happy with it. I have been looking for a “hobby” of sorts, and this will allow me to combine a bunch of them and possibly even make some income from it. So it is exciting, and I need to be grateful – and PATIENT!

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