Pins and Needles – Nov. 3rd needs to get here!

That pretty much sums up the state of everything right now. All the polls seem to indicate that Biden SHOULD win the election. But after what happened in 2016, when Hillary was heavily favored to win and ahead in the polls, even won the popular vote, only to LOSE the election – I, and many other dems are scarred. So I won’t relax until it is officially called for Biden, which I pray to GOD it is. Because I am so cereal – I just don’t think I could stay in this country for 4 more years under Drumpf. I can only imagine how much worse it could get. Of course, if we lose the White House, but get the Senate, that would help. But still…

In other news, we went to New York for 4 days to watch the kiddos so Megan and Scott could go to Nashville for their “honeymoon.” We had such a nice time with the kids. The weather was great, and the house we stayed in, an AirBnb, was perfect. I was sure exhausted after those 3 1/2 days though, I tell you whut! They are good kids, but it’s a lot to keep up with all 4 of them from wakeup to bedtime. I told Megan and Scott when they got back I have a whole new respect for them now lol. Grandma and Pop-pop did good though, and all in all it was a great time.

Upon getting back to AZ, the day after, I got sick – stuffy head, running nose, aches, fatigue. After missing 2 days of work, and based on some info Jamie sent stating that the symptoms of covid can mirror those of a common cold, I decided to get a test. Got 2 actually – one rapid result, and one send away. Neither was nearly as bad as people have made it sound. One I did myself, one done by a doc – but neither that rough. Thank goodness, both came back negative. But it was a little bit of a scare, and I got an intuition that this was like a “warning shot” – we’ve travelled 3 times during the pandemic, might be time to give it a rest. So I told Debbie I am done travelling for a little while. She didn’t take it too well – we were supposed to be going to Nashville November 7th. She says she takes the pandemic seriously, and she does, in all aspects – EXCEPT travel. She is just not willing to give up travelling. The numbers across the country are starting to spike though, so I convinced her it’s not a wise thing to go right now. But she is bound and determined to go just as soon as they come down again. It has caused some conflicts, not sure why she can’t just respect my wishes about it. I told her she is welcome to go herself, I don’t begrudge her that. Doesn’t seem to make a difference though. Oh well – we’ll have to see what happens when the numbers do go down. Seems like that might be a while now.

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