The book, the coin, the pendant – the Quest continues

I had been looking for a legitimate Templar pendant for a LONG time and having quite a bit of difficulty finding one. Initially, I wanted the seal, like on the coin in the front of the Templar Tradition book, and after a long search, found and purchased a pretty awesome one on Etsy from a guy who makes them in – get this – Israel. Even better, the town he lives in is very close to Acre, which was one of the main Templar strongholds over there. I love the pendant, and wear it a lot.

But I had also wanted a Templar cross – a red one, like this:

Seemed like a pretty simple thing, so I set out looking online (and in stores when possible) for one. But surprisingly, finding one that was a suitable size (not huge, like some guido pendant lol), shape, color, etc proved rather challenging. I spent more minutes and hours than I would like to admit searching for that perfect one. Until finally, just a few weeks ago, I found one on a Google image search. And guess who was selling it?

I mean, it makes perfect sense. And I had never even thought to look there, didn’t even consider they had a gift shop or anything. But I’m glad I was patient and perseverant and kept looking, because how perfect is it that the pendant came from Rosslyn Chapel?!? Honestly, it’s just too cool. I would never have imagined I could get a great Templar cross pendant from Rosslyn Chapel itself.

So I took a little pic to capture the physical elements of the Quest to this point, hence the title of this post: The Templar Tradition book that started it all; an actual Templar coin from the 12th-14th century; and the latest addition, a Templar pendant from Rosslyn Chapel.

And to finish out this post with a little added dose of magic and mysticism – a pic of the blessing of the pendant on my altar at full power 🙂

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