Finally – a chance to post on the newest incarnation

Of my site, that is. Yes, I have created yet ANOTHER new domain name and new site to go along with it. Of course, it’s not really a new site – it’s just had a “makeover” and renaming. And while I have been through this many, MANY times (can’t even count the number of different domains/sites/blogs I’ve had), I honestly have a really good feeling about this – like one I haven’t really had before, or at least not in as long as I can remember. Why? I don’t know. But I do.

It probably sounds a bit silly, but I feel like it might be related to some changes I’ve made to my amulet collection. I decided, after being bummed out to realize that even as much as I don’t WANT it to be, the Templar Cross will forever be associated with Nazis and white supremacy, to do a bit of a 180 and get some pendants that reflect the divine feminine. I realized that while I have a whole (ahem, yeahhh..) ‘page’ devoted to it on this site (I’m going to add more to it soon, really!) I don’t really have any pendants at all that have any kind of goddess/feminine energy working. I mean, I have tons of crystals and stones, but I’m talking more about the metal ones. So I decided to take care of that, and got a couple of really cool ones. The first one is a circular Isis pendant, and the second, a little smaller triple moon goddess with a tree of life and pentacle. It’s in sterling silver, and while very pretty, not overly feminine. I mean, I want it for that energy, but it doesn’t necessarily look like something only a woman would wear. Which is good, because as much as I would like to think I wouldn’t care if it did, I probably would – and I think the wife might too.

Now it might sound kooky to some to think that a simple pendant or 2 could have any real impact, but then I believe in all that stuff – even if only is as much as the symbols speak to our subconscious, and there may be things that are activated or brought into the mind under the level of conscious awareness that can assist us in ways we might not explicitly perceive. And, in this case, there IS the conscious aspect too. I believe very much in the goddess power, I feel strongly about the fact that the masculine has had complete dominance for too long, and also think that the feminine energy is more associated with the psychic, the unconscious, the mystery – magic. And of course, it’s not like some big revelation thinking that or anything – great mystics have believed that way for millenia.

So will the simple act of getting a few new pedants really change the course of this site? No. But then it wasn’t just that. The outer has inspired changes in perspective on the inner, as well as a re-dedication to actually try to DO something – even if it’s just writing – about the divine feminine I claim to revere so much. I guess the most immediate incarnation I can think of that applies is Mother Earth, Mother Nature, the Moon – all things I associate with Goddess energy, and all things that I feel deeply about. So perhaps I need to start focusing on writing about them, or at the very least, being more aware of their energy.

This wasn’t really the post I thought would be the first one here – I thought it would be about what I mean by “forgotten mystic.” And certainly, that post will happen soon. But this seems like the perfect one to inaugurate this new site. I am making a slight change in course, and moving more towards the “magician/witch” aspect, and away from the “warrior/monk” aspect. That’s not to say I still don’t feel an affinity for the true Knights Templar – I always will, no matter what, because of the Coin-incidence. But perhaps that was a stop on my journey, not the final destination, and it’s time to move farther up the mountain. I am excited to be taking this step, and looking forward to the new vistas and experiences it brings. Thank you God/Goddess 🙂

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