Not feeling it today

That pretty much sums up my feelings today. Just not feeling it. By “it,” I mean the desire to do anything at all to participate in this reality. No, I think I have just about had my fill of stupidity, ignorance, mundanity, pettiness, etc etc. And I am talking about work, politics, the media, the pandemic – just everything. I am just fed up.

Of course it’s not anything new to feel this way. I guess you could consider it the “dark night of the soul’s” evil cousin or something. Instead of being depressed and suicidal, it’s angry and homicidal lol. I don’t know if other mystics in the past felt this or not…? I haven’t read much about it. I can guess that Jesus did, the whole money changers in the Temple business. But I don’t know about others.

I just get SOOOO tired of dealing with the overall ignorance of people, businesses, governments, societies, religions, just everything and most everyone. Of course there are the very few people who “get it,” but unfortunately, not nearly enough to affect any real change at this point. It’s like we just have to keep putting up with this shit, eon after eon after eon. Ugh.

This is one time when being an “old soul” really sucks. It’s like, “Haven’t we already been through all this, like THOUSANDS of times? Why is all this still an issue/question?” And of course, we have to keep on working to pay them bills – not like there is any real freedom here in the U S and A, or anywhere really.

And to be certain, I have it very lucky. I have a very good life to whine and complain about – better than I deserve. Still, I am just sick of the stupidity and ignorance. How much longer? Really???

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