The Principle of Correspondence – aka Coin-incidences

I posted something on Facebook today about 2 recent scientific articles: one how quantum fluctuations can cause changes in our DNA, and the other about the hypothesis that the entire universe is one big neural network.

Now of course, because I am who I am, I made the following comments in that post:

“I’m guessing hardcore materialists are just hating this. It’s getting harder and harder to simply dismiss as “nonsense” some of the metaphysical concepts and ideas that mystics have held for a long time. The thought that spontaneous mutations could occur in our DNA related to quantum effects. At what point do the materialists finally give us mystics some credit for understanding some things about reality that they have vociferously denied as being true, or even possible, for hundreds, if not thousands of years now..?”

I naively thought that because of nature of these two articles, and just how much they upend much of what we have been taught (at least as I have understood it about science and physics), not to mention the philosophical implications of both, that a comment like that would be justified, perhaps even enough that the materialists would think to themselves, “You know, he’s got a point.” But alas, I do have a number of science-y people as friends on Facebook, most of whom I have never actually met, so it was not surprising that one of them said, “It’s still physics.” And in fairness, he was correct. At least individually, those topics are in the realm of physics. But what if you start connecting them? What if you make the leap to changing your very DNA by using some of the processing power of that universal neural network to affect some directed quantum fluctuations – what about that?

Sidebar here – I am a bit hypocritical in my selecting of “friends” on Facebook. (Get ready for a comment that almost burns my fingertips coming out lol). I honestly can’t stand most New Age-y or metaphysical type people on there, and actually PREFER (God help me, I can’t believe I am saying this) those materialist-science-physics-math type people. And why is that, you ask? Because as much as I love mysticism and metaphysics, and as much as some people might not realize it about me – at least those on social media who don’t really know me – I am a very scientifically-minded person, and don’t appreciate the full-blown New Age type stuff when it has absolutely no basis in any kind of logic or reasoning. Now to be sure, there are some people I know/have known who are very much that way, but are grounded enough in this reality and logical enough to realize the boundaries of how much belief to put in some stuff, and how much work to put into understanding other stuff. Strange as it may sound, it’s easier for me to handle the atheistic geniuses than the super-mystical folks of little scientific knowledge. I guess I feel like I can still learn something from the former, while the latter – again, not all, but most – don’t seem to offer much in the way of true knowledge.

I didn’t know if this was all going to tie in, but it does. Because the one thing that has become the most clear to me on my path of mysticism is that, while there are certainly many teachings, practices, ideas, writings, etc that can help one along their journey, the path is always individual, and the experiences unique to the person. And while many scientific theories can be proven, and that’s what gives materialists the warm fuzzies – when something can be “proven” – most of the theories, ideas, laws of the mystics, e.g. the 7 Hermetic Principles, can’t be proven like one can prove that water is made of hydrogen and oxygen by some experiment, or prove that gravity is real by taking measurements and comparing them against certain formulas. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be proven at all – it just means that the only proof we can get is the proof to ourselves. I think there are instances, and there were probably more in days long past, when an adept could “prove” in some sense to a student the reality of a certain principle or law. But these days, most often, we have to settle for obtaining our own proof, knowing that most other people probably won’t believe us – especially those materialists.

Today, I had one of those experiences that is proof to me of the Law of Correspondence, of the ubiquity of the coin-incidence. Of course, it’s more than easy enough to write it off as mere coincidence, and state that I am seeing and making more of a connection that is really just a random chance occurrence, that means absolutely nothing. But to me, in the theoretical framework by which I live and interpret my life, it is proof indeed.

We went to an antique store today, and I decided to wear a new pendant I got recently that I LOVE – a cool Isis pendant:

I’ve been directing more conscious attention on amulets that reflect the Divine Feminine. I realized a little while ago that, for as much as I profess my love for and defense of the Goddess principle, I really don’t have any amulets that reflect that. So I got that Isis one and another – Triple Goddess Tree of Life with Pentacle – off of Amazon.

Today, as I am walking through the antique shop, I look in a glass case and see a cool bumper sticker (which is kinda’ cool in and of itself, as I have been looking for a new bumper sticker for my truck to take the place of the “Any Functioning Adult 2020” one I had) that said “Ankh if you love Isis” – and this is what the right side of it looks like:

Now, perhaps if someone were to work up the mathematical probability of me wearing an Isis pendant and there being something in the store with Isis on it, it wouldn’t appear to be so spectacular a coincidence. But when you figure that I had been wanting a bumper sticker for my truck too, and that the image of Isis matches almost perfectly the one on my pendant – well, for me, that gets into the realm of coin-incidence, and Correspondence. In the framework I live in, this is the Universe speaking directly to me, affirming my decision to focus more attention on the Divine Feminine, and providing yet another amulet/decoration with said feminine/Goddess iconography for me to have in my experience to draw attention, thought and concentration.

Now, can I “prove” to someone else this is what’s happening? Of course not – and especially not a materialist. Would I even TRY to? Hell no, not anymore! Lol. When I was younger, oh yes, I would – at length! And I would not give up. But time, age and experience have shown me that one simply cannot prove anything to anyone else – especially something like this. And in today’s world, rife with mis and disinformation, it is even more difficult. And besides, it is of no consequence to me that anyone else believes anything really. Oh, I used to view myself as a guru, a spiritual warrior of sorts, who was going to go out there and show everyone the Truth! I was going to be the “Second Coming” and save the ignorant human race from itself by espousing the Timeless Doctrine of Oneness as no one had before… Ahahahahaha! Hilarious, right? And my 24 year old self would be SOOOO pissed to read this! Lol. Anyone who knew me back then would agree. I was on fire, and was going to save the world. Alas, the folly of youth.

Today, I know that there is a greater than 0 chance – MUCH greater – that the majority of people don’t want the same thing I want, and I probably don’t want the same thing they do. And that’s ok – we each have to walk our own path. But much to my pleasant surprise, that doesn’t mean that people like me can’t still make great progress on the path of the mystic; it doesn’t mean we can’t still experience some magic; it doesn’t mean that there is no hope at all for us, or that we will have to wait for another lifetime to reach that light shining in the mist. I used to think that was the case – that I was born out of time, and there was no chance I would ever experience the life of the mystic I so desired.

But there has always been a part of me, deep inside, that flat out REFUSES to give up! I have been through many dark nights of the soul, and many times have I sworn off this path – most recently last year, after we found out we couldn’t go to New York for our daughter’s wedding. I angrily swept my hand across my altar, pushing everything onto the floor and cursing the very idea that I believed in something more. It was all bullshit, and I was DONE believing.

Until the next day, when I put everything right back up, even though I didn’t even really believe in it still. Because somewhere, deep inside, something – something that has called me onward my whole life, even when I literally hate it and am so pissed off for it – once again took hold of me and one by one, I replaced every stone, every feather, every statue, every little piece on my altar. I have almost resigned myself to the fact that there is no getting rid of that part, no exorcising it, and no keeping it quiet or inactive. I think it is more me than I am, if that makes sense at all. And so, when people make comments about how something is just “physics,” or how they don’t believe all that “New Age hooey,” or whatever – I get it, I really do.

But I have lived a life of coin-incidences. And even though I consider myself a very scientifically-minded person, work as a software developer (I get logic, like real, actual logic), and understand the scientific method and greatly appreciate it, I am a mystic at heart – always have been, and apparently, always will be. And I am ok with that. Because I get the best of both worlds. I can appreciate science, work in a field that requires that kind of logical thinking, and appreciate the theories and discoveries of science. At the same time, I can experience coin-incidences and feel the deeper meaning of them, not needing any “proof;” I can feel the Universe calling me on, opening doors of perception and opportunity; and I can understand and see the 7 Hermetic Principles at work in my life. For this, and so much more, I am eternally grateful.

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