A Prayer to the Divine Feminine

All gratitude,
All reverence,
All compassion,
All love to you, Great Mother.

Long have you been cast aside,
Long have you pushed down,
Many times have you burned at the stake.
But today, I stand –
To thank you,
To honor you,
To bless you,
To defend you,
And to proclaim your Presence within,
And Interconnecting
All that is.

Let all those who have forgotten, Remember.
Let those who have been led astray
Be guided by the Light of your Infinite Love
Back into the heart of the All.

Let today, and every day
Be the day
That you are restored to
Your rightful Place –
In the Heavens,
In the Earth,
And in the hearts and minds
Of all humankind.

I thank you,
I love you,
And I praise you – always!

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