If Ye Believe…

…then works as these, and GREATER ye shall do. But I am tripping out a bit, almost having a “Mandela effect” moment lol, because I would have SWORN that the phrase was, “If ye believe as I believe, works as these and greater shall ye do.” But just now, when I looked it up, it says, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do.” Wow. That’s almost embarrassing, because I have used that phrase many times over my life as a ‘proof’ that Christ said we only needed to believe as he did, and we could do works like he did, or even greater. Which makes me wonder – is this a sign that I never knew the original phrase to begin with, and have been misquoting it my whole life? Or is it possible (and here we go into “woo woo” land as some would say lol) that what I remember it as is what it really, TRULY was, back before the editors got to it in the Council of Nicea? I know, that probably sounds a bit kooky. But then I just had something happen that seems to point to some innate knowledge, so maybe it’s not so kooky.

So today, I am watching a really interesting video on YouTube from William Henry. He’s one of the guys that features pretty prominently on Ancient Aliens. I’ve never watched or read any of his personal stuff, but this sounded interesting. It’s titled “_________” and the part I was watching today was talking about the Dove being the symbol of the “light body/spirit” descending to a person, and in particular, about the Grail myth. As he was talking, he started talking to this slide which had just come up:

So what exactly is so interesting about that? Well, in my past life (BS – Before Sobriety) I was a poet of sorts and wrote a lot of poetry, essays, etc. When I got sober, I trashed all of it (regrettably). But there are a few things I wrote that I have always remembered. And one of those is this little ditty:

Three is one,

One is three.

Three in one reality.

Now I can’t absolutely guarantee that I had never seen anything like what is written in that screen cap from above, but I don’t consciously remember. And it seems that when I did come up with that, it felt kind of “new” – at least to me. If, IF that is the case, then it would provide a pretty good example for knowledge of something that came directly to me via some manner other than reading in a book, etc.

And if that is the case, then is it possible that the actual thing Christ said was closer to what I “remember” it as being? But then I am getting off track, as that wasn’t what I was really going to talk about anyway. But what I had planned on talking about was predicated on the saying being what I remember it as. So for the sake of this, let’s pretend that’s what Christ really meant lol.

A lot of interesting scientific articles have been coming out about things that were seemingly impossible, unbelievable, or improbable not all that long ago. And some of these things, if taken together with other things and an open, mystical mind lead to some VERY intriguing possibilities. The one I am thinking about at this moment is the spontaneous mutation of DNA via quantum processes:


The gist of that article is that DNA can mutate spontaneously as a result of quantum processes and that, although that can definitely result in disease, “in some scenarios, point mutations can also be beneficial.” So how big of a leap is it to think that we could literally alter our own DNA? And perhaps a part of that is simply BELIEVING that we can. And this article provides that little gem of belief – that little seed that could grow into something truly amazing. I have lots more to say about this, but will continue in another post.

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