The Coming of the Light

Part I

I have been pondering just how to write this post for a long, long time. And lately, I have fallen into the trap of trying to write stuff quickly, to get it out, so I can link to it on twitter, to gain more readers. As much as I try to avoid being consumed by the desire to be “liked”, to be popular, to have people read my stuff, it still gets me sometimes. One would think I would know after being on this path for over 30 years now that the great majority of people just aren’t as into this stuff as I, and it’s unrealistic and unhealthy to expect them to be. I need to let go of that desire – again, continually, each day. I need to continue working on that.

However, I also need to be careful not to swing too far the other way – to get pissed off, or hopeless, or apathetic, a kind of “screw you” attitude, and just stop writing altogether. Because that isn’t healthy either. And even if only one other person reads this and gets something out of it, well – that’s one person more than if not. And even if I am the only one who reads it while I am writing it, that’s ok too. Because as I write stuff, I work through it, and sometimes new insights or understandings flow out. It is a creative spiritual process that should be enjoyed for just what it is, without expectation of recognition or popularity. Of course, this is like the 1000th time I have said this to myself lol. But, having always dreamed of being a published writer, I need to be gentle on myself.

Way back when, back in 1993 or so, I had an idea come into my head about just how things were going to go when the time came. By “the time,” I mean the second coming, the apocalypse, the return of Quetzlcoatl, the blue star kachina, the moshiach, the star beings, the great enlightenment – whatever you want to call it. And as I have mentioned previously, I have been eagerly awaiting, and falsely predicting (lol, though not as much lately – I don’t think – hopefully – it’s a process, ok!) that the end was nigh. Now by the end, I didn’t mean the end of the world, the end of everything, or a rapture; no, I meant the end of this society as we know it; the end of the reign of capitalism, greed, ignorance, etc. That’s the end I’m talking about it. And any way you slice it, there was/is going to be some real tribulation involved.

For a long time, I thought there would be some big, singular, global event that was going to do it – a giant meteor, a worldwide earthquake, a devastating plague, a huge CME – something that would just wipe out most of civilization as we know it in a flash. But as I have grown older, while that is still always a possibility, I see that we are in the midst of that process now, it is just slower and more deliberate than I had thought it would be. Just look at the climate crisis – and it is a crisis now – unbelievably hot and dry conditions in some areas, 1000 years floods in others. Look at the covid pandemic – the virus keeps mutating, creating new variants, and seems to have a particular talent for positive selection. And then you have all the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers ensuring that it continues to spread as a result of their ignorance and selfishness. These 2 things alone, if they continue to progress – actually, just the climate is going to do it eventually – will basically destroy modern civilization as we know it.

So it is coming, it is happening, right before our eyes. And it seems there is very little we can do to stop either. At least with covid, we can get vaccinated, mask up, avoid crowded places, etc and protect ourselves. But we can’t make other people make the right choices, so it will continue to spread, and it’s just a matter of time before a variant with a much higher mortality rate arises. As far as the climate goes – sorry to say, but we are hosed. That boat sailed a LONG time ago, and we are in for a very, very rough ride. It’s become clear over this last couple of years that it is changing much more rapidly, and more severely than any of the models, even of worst case scenarios, predicted. And if you watch some videos about climate refugees, water wars, etc – it’s some scary shit. It’s going to bring that dystopian future we all feared – it’s coming. And that can be very disturbing, frightening, and make one hopeless.

But I want to talk about that idea/insight/intuition I had, because I think it can give some people hope. I know it does me. I didn’t want to share about it publicly until I could be sure that it’s actually possible, scientifically speaking. Because while I am a mystic, I also believe strongly in science. And I know that my mind needs to know that something is possible, however far-fetched the science might seem, at least in theory. Because if it isn’t, or I can’t see how it could be, there will be that little voice of the scientist inside saying, “This is just a silly pipe dream – it’s simply not possible.” Now I do believe in miracles; I do believe there are things that happen that defy scientific explanation, and I completely accept that. In fact, I live for that. Life would be empty and meaningless to me if EVERYTHING had to be explained scientifically to be believed.

That being said – if we are talking about something that includes an aspect of changes to my mind, my body chemistry, my physical makeup – even if it is to be some miraculous event that I believe in my heart is going to happen, I know that for it to really come true, for it to have the impact I would desire, I need to at least be able to hypothesize how it might happen – what physical or energetic mechanisms might enable it. Because if I can do that, if I can visualize it, BELIEVE that it really is possible, then I am stamping my pass to the next level of mental, physical and spiritual evolution – and here’s why.

The idea I had was that a giant solar flare and/or CME would erupt from the sun, directed squarely at the earth. When it impacted the planet, it would have the effect of completely frying and obliterating our entire electricity based infrastructure, planet wide. There have been plenty of books, TV shows, etc about such a scenario, and it’s always a dystopian, post-apocalyptic scenario where billions of people die, and only those tough enough, with enough grit to make it, survive. It’s not a pleasant thing, for sure. And for a long time, I was ok with that aspect of it. I was young, healthy, fit – let it come, I thought. I welcomed it!

Another major reason I welcomed it is because I had a crazy intuition that that solar event would be the “second coming” in a way. I believed it would cause a spontaneous mutation in some people that would give them what amounts to some kind of superpowers, or at least heightened abilities, that would allow them to live more easily in the post-apocalyptic world. I wasn’t quite sure what those powers would be, but I was pretty set on the fact that it would happen, in that way, and that some of us would be ok. Of course part of that would be based on the spiritual aspect – those who were generally good, compassionate, caring people (or at least really tried or wanted to be) would experience positive mutations, the people who were just middle of the road would experience none, and the people who were genuinely cruel, arrogant, selfish, uncaring, un-compassionate, etc would receive mutations that might humble them a bit, shall we say. There is a lot more behind this – maybe when I win the lottery and get a chance to write my book… Lol.

As I have grown older, that intuition has always stayed with me, but I started to think more about the mutations. What kind of (realistic) mutation would actually make it easier to live in such a world? If I can’t think of one that’s somewhat realistic, or that would actually help, well, that’s not good for my theory. And how might such a mutation actually happen? Is it realistically possible? When I was young, I was more comfortable just floating it out there, but now I am older, a little more skeptical, and want to know – could something like that actually happen? So the last several years, I have paid attention to those questions, and am happy to say that I have received answers to them – answers that satisfy, disappoint (honestly, not the power I would have chosen) and surprise. And I am going to share them. You can make of it what you will. My theory could be a complete crock. But the articles I will cite, the science and physics I reference, are not. Theoretically speaking, it sounds like it really is possible. And now that I know that, I am setting out on a mission to meditate and visualize about it so that, if there is a major solar event in the future, I can try out my hypothesis.

But I am guessing that the thing you are most curious about at this point (I know it would be for me) is what that power is – what ability would allow one to sail through the apocalypse without worry or concern (relatively speaking – of course we would still be concerned for everyone suffering, etc). Any guesses? Here’s a hint:

Young Sprout Grow In Dirt With Sun

In my next post, I will go more into it, and get into some of the physics, etc. In the meantime, you can ponder these words, and check out the article they come from:

Imagine if we could do as the plants do, and feed directly off the sun’s energy. It would certainly make our lives easier: The countless hours spent purchasing, preparing, and eating food could be redirected elsewhere (and we wouldn’t even need Soylent). Over-exploited agricultural lands would revert to natural ecosystems. Rates of starvation, malnutrition, and food borne illness would plummet.

Check out Part II here:

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