The Coming of the Light – Part II

Part II

I guess it’s rather obvious that the “superpower” I was referring to in my last post is photosynthesis. I came to this conclusion after pondering, seriously, for several years, what one power or ability I would wish for myself should I be given the opportunity. Of course I thought of all the usual suspects – the ability to fly, to heal myself or others, psychokinesis, super strength, etc. Eventually, I realized that none of these would really give me what I truly desired, which was a way to be independent of the economic system that we all rely on for our survival, and to be able to do so in way that was least impactful to the planet – to be able to live without the need to consume other living things, thereby contributing to resource depletion and climate change. And so, after countless hours pondering, I landed on photosynthesis – something most probably wouldn’t consider a superpower.

But just think about it – without the need to consume food, if we could literally sustain our physical bodies by absorbing sunlight, just how much would that change the world? No more hunger or famine; no reliance on an economic system for our very survival; no more raising animals for consumption, and all the related resource depletion that entails; and on and on. It would truly free us from dependence on money and the life-sucking system they have created to keep us all dependent upon them.

That’s all great and well, but not really worth much if it’s just a pipe dream. I mean, we all wish for superpowers. But what if it wasn’t just a pipe dream? What if it really was – is – possible? What exactly would it take?

For starters, it would take belief that it could actually happen. If I don’t believe it can happen, I won’t be willing to put any time and effort into making it so – why would I? So there has be some mechanism, some theoretical way that it COULD happen for me to believe it. I am, even though a mystic at heart, a pretty scientifically-minded person. So when it comes to subjects like this, I tend to seek out scientific information that might provide at least hints of a way in which something like photosynthesis in humans could actually become a reality. It’s fairly clear that what would need to happen would be some kind of genetic mutation that would alter our cells, at least those necessary, in such a manner that they could perform photosynthesis. But how could such a mutation happen? And even if it could, it would take at least a few generations, right? Turns out, that’s not necessarily the case.

From “Quantum Physics Can Cause Mutations in Our DNA, Study” :

“Scientists found that hydrogen bonds hold the two strands of the DNA‘s double helix together. Under certain circumstances, the hydrogen bonds can behave like spread-out waves that can exist in multiple locations at once, because of proton tunneling. This prompts these atoms to occasionally being found on the wrong strand of DNA, prompting mutations.”

From “Why Does DNA Spontaneously Mutate?” :

“In a recent study, published Jan. 29 in the journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, researchers explore another explanation, showing that a quantum phenomenon called proton tunneling can cause point mutations by allowing positively charged protons in DNA to leap from place-to-place. This, in turn, can subtly change the hydrogen bridges that bind the two sides of DNA’s double helix, which can lead to errors when it’s time for DNA to make copies of itself.”

So it turns out, DNA can spontaneously mutate via quantum processes, and even more –

“Despite having a short lifetime, these mutations can survive the DNA replication mechanism inside cells.”

That means that changes can happen, then replicate in other cells.

This was my “AHAAAA…” moment. Here we have a valid, scientifically verified, physical mechanism whereby spontaneous mutations in DNA CAN happen, and even be replicate in other cells. So, theoretically speaking, it SHOULD be possible.

But what exactly does it take to cause those mutations? By what mechanism can they be initiated? That will be the subject of my next post.

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