The Coming of the Light – Part III

I’ve been stuck on twitter today, going back and forth between reading posts about the pandemic and the IPCC climate change report – neither of which bode well for humanity. Denial of science has become a platform for a certain party in this country and is having devastating effects – ones that will impact the whole world. In the midst of that hopelessness, grief and frustration, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about something that can provide real hope – a real light to shine through the darkness. And for me, that comes in the form of part III of my post on, what else, the coming of the light! Appropriate, doncha’ think? Lol.

In the first post, I talked about the times we are currently in, and the “superpower” I would pick if I could choose one. In part II, talked a little about the scientific possibility that DNA could be altered spontaneously, that mutations could arise suddenly – science allowed for that. And for me or anyone to have any hope of actually becoming a photosynthetic being, that would need to be possible – we would need to be able to alter our DNA to enact such changes. This post, I am going to talk about how that might happen, by what mechanism(s) our DNA could be altered. Turns out, there are more than one. And if you think about the symbolism of the various methods, a lot of teachings from mysticism come – ahem – to light (I can’t help it, ok?).

Before I get going on this, I need to point something out. When I was a kid, I used to play an RPG called “Gamma World.” And for the true nerds out there, of COURSE I played D&D too! I played all kinds of RPGs. But I digress – back to the point. The premise of Gamma World is (from Wikipedia):

“Gamma World is a chaotic, dangerous environment that little resembles pre-apocalyptic Earth. The weapons unleashed during the final war were strong enough to alter coastlines, level cities, and leave large areas of land lethally radioactive. These future weapons bathed the surviving life of Earth in unspecified forms of radiation and biochemical agents, producing widespread, permanent mutations among humans, animals, and plants. As a result, fantastic mutations such as extra limbs, super strength, and psychic powers are relatively common.”

What does that have to do with my point? Today, when one reads any kind of scientific literature or article, mutations are ALWAYS described as harmful, destructive, or deadly. And, most often, that probably is the case. However, that doesn’t mean it always is the case. In Gamma World it wasn’t. And indeed, one would have to think that just by chance, there would have to be mutations that incurred some kind of advantages sometimes too. Just look at the coronavirus – the Delta variant has mutations that have been positive for it, causing it to be much more transmissible; no reason to think a comparable positive mutation couldn’t happen in a human. So keep that in mind when I reference some of these articles, and the mutation is always referred to in a negative light.

Oh, and one more thing – I am not a nuclear scientist, biologist, etc, so I’m sure I am going to make some leaps, assertions and assumptions that might not hold up to strict scientific scrutiny. But chances are, if you’re reading this, you know that already. That being said, I’m not completely ignorant of science either, and am not the dimmest bulb on the porch necessarily lol. I definitely won’t be defending or arguing any of these points thought. It’s my beliefs, thoughts, intuitions, conclusions, and I could be full of it – or not. Time will tell.

One of the ways mutations can happen, and this one is REALLY cool, is via the mind, mediation to be more exact. I’m not going to go too deep into this, the point being mainly to provide some evidence from a credible source that our minds CAN impact our DNA.

“Lead investigator Dr. Linda E. Carlson and her colleagues found that in breast cancer patients, support group involvement and mindfulness meditation – an adapted form of Buddhist meditation in which practitioners focus on present thoughts and actions in a non-judgmental way, ignoring past grudges and future concerns — are associated with preserved telomere length. Telomeres are stretches of DNA that cap our chromosomes and help prevent chromosomal deterioration — biology professors often liken them to the plastic tips on shoelaces. Shortened telomeres aren’t known to cause a specific disease per se, but they do whither with age and are shorter in people with cancer, diabetes, heart disease and high stress levels. We want our telomeres intact.”


And then there’s this:

“Eric Kandel, the winner of the 2000 Nobel Prize for Medicine also showed, contrary to what had long been believed, that even our genes can change. Not only can our brains change, we can also change the genes we inherited or the personal characteristics we’ve created in those genes and consequently lessen, or eliminate totally, our beliefs about genetic predisposition.

Kandel’s research proved that our thinking, behavior and the way we stimulate our brain can actually influence the aspect of the gene that causes it to turn on or off certain proteins, proteins that influence our level of awareness, what we believe is possible, our emotional reactions and how much motivation, creativity and happiness we have.”


I don’t know about you, but what I get out of those is that it is possible, there is valid scientific reason to believe that thought, behavior, mediation CAN change DNA. Now the question is, just how much can it be changed? What are the limits? Are there any? And what is possible if someone truly BELIEVES it can be changed and engages in a course of thought and action in an attempt to make some changes – what might be possible?

Of course, our minds aren’t the only thing that can cause mutations. There is always good old radiation, just like in Gamma World. In that scenario, the radiation is primarily from nuclear attacks – fallout and such. But there is another giant source of radiation that we are all exposed to every single day – the sun. And again, current knowledge says that all solar radiation is bad for us. Lord knows, I am acutely aware of that. My family knows me as the “sunscreen king” lol. I have extremely pale skin, and after some extremely painful sunburns when I was young, I decided I would not let that happen again.

That being said, the greater point is that solar radiation causes mutations.

“UVB light interferes directly with the bonding between the nucleotides in the DNA. The two main DNA lesions formed by exposure to UVB are cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers (CPD) and 6-4 pyrimidine pyrimidone photoproducts (6-4PPs), and its Dewar isomers.”


“The mutations induced by radiation can also occur spontaneously. When humans are exposed to low doses of radiation, it is difficult to estimate what small increment of mutations is induced by radiation above that from spontaneous background radiation. However, radiation has been found to be mutagenic in all organisms studied so far, and there is no reason to suppose that humans are exempt from radiation’s mutagenic effects. “


So what’s the takeaway here? Well, here’s what I get:

  1. Spontaneous DNA mutations are possible, do happen.
  2. Mutations can actually be caused by meditation, thinking, behavior, etc.
  3. Mutations can also be caused by solar radiation.
  4. Science tells us, and most often it is true, that most mutations are negative, detrimental to an organism.
  5. Mutations can confer benefit to an organism, and do, as is evidenced currently by covid selecting positive mutations.

I, we, are creating a bedrock of belief upon which to build the future.

A number of posts on twitter lately have been asking what people know about the future, how they can know that there will be some “great awakening,” or that the aliens will come down to save us, or that the world will end, what it will be like. And I, like many people, get confused sometimes because there are SO many different moving parts, so many things going on at the same time, and so many different possible outcomes. I do know that our society is in a real pickle, between the rapid climate change the and pandemic. I also believe, based on prophecy, my intuition, and what others tell me, that there is something much deeper, more poignant going on on different levels of consciousness, of manifestation. So how is it all going to go?

I don’t know exactly, but in my next post, I am going to try tie this all up with a nice bow and hopefully provide something that might give you some comfort, some food for thought, some material for meditation, and maybe even spur something in you that you can bring to the conversation. Maybe a little seed will be planted in your consciousness that will unlock some keys we need to help get us to that next level. I know I am SO ready! Aren’t you? Until next time – blessings of Love, Light and Unity.

If you missed Parts I and II, you can find them here:

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