You call it “coincidence” – I call it “coin-incidence”

I swear, I have to do a video for those who don’t, and will probably never read this blog – so I can let everyone know what I mean by that. But in short, a “coin-incidence” is a coincidence that is much more than just that – most often, something directly related to my spiritual path. And today, I had just such an experience.

When my wife and I went to Sedona a few weeks back (posted selfie on Twitter, I think it was the most “likes” I’ve ever received lol) I bought a few crystals. I bought an azeztulite for me, which I planned on setting and wearing, had been wanting one. I also bought one for my daughter – an aqua aura quartz, because I thought it was pretty, and I liked what it said about the properties, thought it would be nice for her.

I thought they were really pretty, so I also picked one up for myself, figured maybe I would wear it sometime, or maybe set it and give it to someone else.

So yesterday, I finally got around to setting all of them, and they turned out pretty nicely.

This morning, I put the azeztulite (the one in the middle) on.

A little while later, a friend IM’d me saying she was feeling some anxiety, depression – feeling overwhelmed with everything that’s going on in the world. I told her I got it, and sent her this message:

After sending this, I noticed a little while later that I wasn’t really resonating with the azeztulite. I wore it for a few hours, but for some reason, it just didn’t “feel” right. So I took it off, and put the aqua aura quartz I had made for myself on. I really liked the feel of it, and kept it on – have it on now.

I started looking around on the web a bit to see what more I could find out about them. The card at the shop I bought them at said they are good for calming emotions, soothing anger, and attracting peace and prosperity – all stuff I thought would be great for my daughter. Well, I did a little looking, and wanna take a guess about what I found out about that stone?

Go back up and look at the tweet I sent earlier, the words in quotes.

Then look at the first line on this:


Or maybe this:

“Aqua Aura safeguards against psychic attack, energy drain and spiritual vampirism, and provides profound peace during meditation, opening gateways to the angelic realm. “


Now I get it, someone could read this and say, “Dude, it’s just a coincidence. Those crystals all say they are for a bunch of stuff, something was bound to match.” Ok, true.

But I can say now that I can’t remember the last time (?) I used the term “psychic attack,” and in fact, as I said, it’s not something I really put a lot of thought into. So there’s that.

And of course, there’s the timing – that I just happened to say that phrase that I don’t know that I’ve said ever in the last (?) years. And the fact that I had no intention of wearing that aqua aura quartz originally – I wanted the azeztulite. And I had no idea that it was for the “psychic attack” stuff.

So, for me, on my path, this is a perfect example of a true “coin-incidence.” This is not just mere coincidence – no sirree, not to me. No, this is more. And it’s deeply meaningful, as well as reassuring, and just freakin’ cool! I mean, it’s just a bit unreal, isn’t it? But it isn’t – it really happened. And I LOVE that!

It’s somewhat interesting this happened on the day Anjali had her presser too. She got savaged by a lot of people, and in all honestly, I was a bit disappointed, and didn’t think it was the best presentation for her. That being said, I really like her a lot, find her sweet, authentic, and I love her message. And I know what it’s like (ahem…) to have something happen that a lot of people just wouldn’t believe unless it had happened to them.

I can’t speak for what happened to her, as I wasn’t there. And I hope that in time, more will be revealed in that situation. But I know what happened to me today, and while it might just seem like a silly little thing to some people, this is IT for me – this is the stuff I live for – those moments when I KNOW I am on the Path, because the Path reaches into my life, my conscious awareness and experience, and says “We see you! You’re on the Path! Keep going! We’re right there with you!”

To that, I say “Thank you God/Spirit/Universe/Source/Creator/One!!!”

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