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I have always been into UFOs, ever since I was a kid. I grew up at a time when the idea of extraterrestrials permeated TV and movies: Star Wars, ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Battlestar Gallactica, Space 1999, etc etc. Of course those were all clearly fictional, there were also a number of programs that questioned the idea of UFOs more seriously – one of my favorites being “In Search Of” with Leonard Nimoy.

As I grew older, I learned of several other takes on UFOs and ETs, and became particularly interested in the ancient aliens/alien astronaut theories espoused by Erik Von Daniken, Zecharia Sitchin, and more recently, Giorgio and crew on the “Ancient Aliens” show on History Channel. I’m sure a lot of people think it is just all so much hokiness, and to be sure, some of the episodes leave me feeling that way (I’m looking at you reptilians! Lol). But the overall concept seems very intriguing to me and certainly provides explanations for many of the mysteries about ancient structures, cultures, and myths that evade understanding. As much as the pyramids and Chichen Itza and other similar sights astound, it’s the trilothon of the Temple of Jupiter in Lebanon that, for me, just begs for more explanation. There is something missing from our history – there is NO WAY any number of thousands of slaves quarried, moved and placed those stones without some form of technology lost or unknown to us today.

Part of this whole phenomenon – which is, by the way, a term used by a number in the UFO/UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon) community to describe the bigger concept of sightings and encounters and includes the subjective/consciousness aspect – has been the hope for “disclosure”: a term that has come to represent the governments of the world, particularly in the US, finally telling us all the truth and “disclosing” the fact that aliens are real, and they know about them. There are stories that the government and even some private individuals or companies are in possession of advanced materials not of this earth. There are stories that the government has alien craft stored somewhere, that even some bodies have been retrieved; that the technology has been reverse engineered, and that’s how we went from black and white TVs to quantum computers so quickly. How much of that is true is anyone’s guess, but I believe that at least a portion of it is, and several things have been coming out in the past few years that point to that fact – the most recent, the official acknowledgment by the US Navy that 3 videos that were released were genuine and showed truly unidentified craft – a disclosure to be sure.

So far, it probably sounds like this post was mis-titled – where is the science and spirituality, right? Well, I had to give this lead-in to help set the stage for what I am about to describe, otherwise the deeper meaning would be lost. Because it is in the coming together of many different things that truly powerful coin-incidences are made – events and ideas that build on one another in a continuous flow such that the direction and velocity of the stream cannot be denied. And this, for me, is definitely one such case. It seems like they have been occurring with more frequency lately – seems like the stream is definitely picking up pace and turning back towards the sea of mystery. Whoopee! On with the story.

If you haven’t read any of the other parts of this site/blog/place/whatever it is, then, well, go do it – now! Lol. Just kidding. But just in case you haven’t, don’t or won’t, I will summarize and say that I consider myself a Born Knight of the Temple in the Templar (and the AUTHENTIC one, not the one described in most movies and books, and not the Masonic rank either – more on that later) Tradition for a number of reasons (coin-incidences), and the Templar Cross has become an extremely active archetype for me lately. I am seeing it everywhere it seems (see the post on Mundanity page ). And while some could be just brushed off as coincidence by some people, honestly, I don’t care what some people think. They are not living my life, have not seen what I have seen, experienced what I experienced, and believe what I believe. Empty coincidences to them are powerful, mystical experiences that speak to my progress on my Quest to me – I know that, don’t question at all.

That’s important to know, because just a few days ago, I was reading an article about the US Navy releasing some documents about UFO technology – about the creation or attempted creation of a spacetime weapon [ insert article here ] and it included some verbiage that I included on another post. The next day [ I think? ] I saw another article with a diagram of the cruciform, and it was pretty amazing to me:

You can just see the seal of the US Navy on the right – maybe I should have left it in there? As amazed as I was to see it, when I looked closer at the white space, something truly astonishing caught my eye. And me, being of a somewhat scientific mind, had to wonder how close it really was to a Templar cross. So I did a little manipulation and highlighting in, and there it was/is:

Now actually, it is more like an amalgamation of a Templar cross and a Cathar cross like the one at Montsegur, with the circle in the center:

And how did I know that? Well, coin-incidentally enough, I watched this weird show that was recommended to me on Amazon Prime, “Otherworld,” and it was primarily about the area in Southern France where Montesgur is, as well as Renne Les Chateau. There was a lot of interesting info in that show, in fact I could probably do an entire post on it. But suffice it to say, I am starting to think that perhaps I should start considering this current time period Coin-Incidence Redux. Certainly feeling that way – and I LOVE it!

Purely Coin-incidental

I struggled for just a bit on whether to write this post here, or to do it on a private blog. After all, I had planned on following up my last post with a dive into the whole “knights” and “quest” topics to further the story. But then, this is the story – the story is a living thing, and situations like this are PRECISELY those that remind me that the Quest continues. And though I may sometimes take my attention away from the Path, it has its ways of calling my gaze back to it; sometimes subtly, sometimes overtly. But for those who are seeking, the signs are provided – the whole “seek and ye shall” find thing has proved a truism to me.

So my last post – it was the one where I finally decided after all these years to at least try to capture the spirit of one of the most powerful experiences I have had in my time seeking – the culmination of which was the “Coin-incidence,” which occurred in 1994 – quite a while ago. I was unsure of whether or not I was perhaps embellishing it a little too much in hindsight, but after communicating with a good friend about it, I’m more confident than ever that it truly was an exceptional experience. In fact, he – in all his skepticism – described it as “supernatural.”

So today I am on Twitter, and I come across a story that’s right up my alley – something about Navy “UFO Patent” documents, and the some type of “Spacetime weapon” that they were supposedly working on. I know, it sounds kooky, but it’s legit. Here’s the article:

Now that article is trippy enough on its own, to be sure. I am quite the UFO (actually UAP is the term used more now, as it seems to have slightly more credibility) buff, so this definitely peeked my interest. And given that it was a tweet by Christopher Mellon, who, in my eyes, is legend in the UAP community, and the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence – not some kook in a tinfoil hat – it carried some instant credibility. As I read the article, which is pretty head-spinning (honestly reads like something out of a sci-fi novel) I came across this paragraph, and got chills:

“Many of the documents describe the tests of the High Energy Electromagnetic Field Generator (HEEMFG) and the data that resulted. Some of these documents describe specific “Identified Technical Obstacles” and proposed solutions for developing a working HEEMFG device. One test asset used in experiments appears to have been a “coin cell capacitor” with a 0.276-inch diameter, which was connected to a vertical drive spindle and spun up to 100,000 rotations-per-minute (RPM) with a 2-inch air motor. Other experiments describe spinning a 12-inch disk featuring piezoelectric elements arranged in a cruciform (cross- or x-shaped) arrangement. These larger discs were charged with much larger capacitors.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is templar_coin.png
Knights Templar coin from France, Philip IV Le Bel, 1268-1314 AD

Now I get it – it’s quite a reach to think that what’s described in the article has anything at all to do with the Knights Templar, or the coin-incidence. And I am not one of those people who sees everything as a conspiracy, or tries to find connections between disparate things. While I am optimistic and spiritual, I am also rational and skeptical. But sometimes things happen that speak to an individual that maybe don’t speak to other people – I get that. Some of us have experiences that move us very deeply that it’s simply impossible to explain to another person in a manner that conveys the true depth of the experience. And often times, even if we did, the people wouldn’t believe us, at least not in the case of truly supernatural or strange events. I get it.

But for me, this was a profoundly meaningful situation. The timing – I had just decided, after all these years, to start writing about the Coin-incidence, and then, just 2 days later, I come across this article – the subject matter of which is quite extraordinary in itself – and within a single paragraph, it mentions a coin and a cruciform shape. And keep in mind, this is describing electrical/mechanical engineering stuff. I can’t say I’ve EVER read an article about any kind of technological devices or machines that mentioned a coin or coin-shaped part in any capacity. And I’ve certainly never heard or read the term “cruciform” mentioned in such an article. So to have both of these words, so close together, and completely out of place, in such a fantastic article, about almost magical (if real) technology, published on the same day that I posted the “Coin-incidence” post – yyyeaahhh…

I remember back in 1989 I think it was – I was living in Prescott with Willie (you’ll hear lots more about him later) during some very formative years for opening my mind to new thought and concepts I had never really heard of before. We were in a laundromat, and hanging over the dryers was a sign with a phrase that resonated deeply with me, and does to this day:

“Coincidence is when God works a miracle and wishes to remain anonymous.”

I think that pretty much sums up my beliefs about coincidences. Perhaps coin-incidences are when God works a miracle, and DOESN’T wish to remain anonymous.

Update: The strangeness continued…

We Watched Red Dwarf last night after I had written this post earlier in the day – caught this in the episode. A little tough to make out, but certainly resembles a Templar cross in black:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is templar_cross_reddwarf2.png

Then we watched an episode of “International House Hunters.” They were in Brisbane, and the guy who was looking for a place with his wife was attending the University of Queensland. They flashed a quick pic of the sign at one point in the episode- cross in the coat of arms is extremely similar to a Templar cross:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is queensland.jpg

From Coincidence to Coin-incidence

I’ve wanted to write about the strange string of experiences that led up to the Coin-incidence for over 25 years now. But because I’ve thought it would basically take an entire book to explain, I’ve avoided doing so, fearing I would never have the committed time to actually write such a book. And I was afraid that if I tried to just piece-meal it, it wouldn’t come out right – it would just be a big, tangled mess of words and sentences, with no cohesion or meaning. And there is still a risk of that happening. But because I don’t want to miss out on the chance to record what happened, and I’m not getting any younger, I want to at least try to capture the spirit of what happened that caused me to forever see “coin-incidence” when I come across the word “coincidence.”

The first few posts here at AO (Atque Occultatum) play heavily into the story, because it’s really the story of me – at least the “me” that is constantly seeking something. It started when I was very young, got extremely interesting in a very outward way in the coin-incidence, and continues to this day. In fact, a string of circumstances has led to the creation of this site and these posts that falls right into line with the whole epic of – well, whatever it is lol. I guess I would call it my life, my journey, my Quest – to find the meaning of life, of my life, and why I just don’t seem to completely feel at home in this world, this time. And don’t get me wrong – or at least I hope my wife and kids don’t take this wrong if they read it – I am VERY at home in the life I live now. I am EXTREMELY blessed, and more comfortable and happy than I deserve. But I think even they know that dad/sweetie has some longings, some questions and drives that go beyond the mundane.

So what is this all about? I mean, I know I would be wondering that. “You’ve told us this is going to be some long, confusing mess of words about something you can’t even explain – so what the hell is it?” Lol. I mean, it’s not even that it would be anti-climactic to just come out and say what it is, it’s just that it wouldn’t really seem like much of anything at all. In fact, here is what the actual coin-incidence was: my friend Luke put a coin down on this page with a “boom!” and we all went “Whoaaaa…”

Incredible, right..?!?!

See – it doesn’t seem like much of anything without any context or backstory. But if I’m an even halfway decent storyteller, I hope to lead you along the path so that you can partake in the wonder of the coin-incidence yourself. Honestly, looking back, I sometimes doubt whether or not what happened was really all that awe-inspiring or special. But I reached out to one of my good friends who was there, and he agrees – in his words, it was a “whoooaaaaa” moment. And he’s much more pragmatic than I. Back in the day, I was quite the hippy/poet/guru/mystic/wanderer, etc. I still am to some extent. But I am a little older, quite a bit more responsible, and MUCH more sober than I was back then lol. In fact, I’ve been clean and sober for over 17 years now.

And I think that is part of what has taken so long too. For a long time after getting sober, I pretty much jettisoned all of those experiences from the time before into the “I was on drugs” bin of life, which caused me to not only throw out everything I had ever written up until that point (boy, do I regret doing that), but also to automatically toss out the importance or validity of any experiences I had, at least in as far as being able to share about them. I always see someone reading parts of it and saying, “Well yeah, but you were totally high dude.” And in honesty, I probably was. But in this brave new world of legalized marijuana (here in Arizona and many other states), legalized heavier drugs (Oregon, other locales) and even respectability for hallucinogenic use for depression, PTSD, etc – not to mention the whole DMT/Ayahuasca thang – yeah…. I think I can talk about this now without being automatically dismissed.

And so begins our tale of a knight on the quest for truth. And that’s probably a great place to start – what’s up with all the “knight” and “quest” stuff anyway…???

See Footnotes 2 – Purely coin-incidental