The Journey Begins

Ok, so here is my new blog – one which I can hopefully access at work (I know, that sounds bad, but hey – keeping it real). I was thinking this morning that my writing skills are really starting to get rusty, and I need to start blogging again, even if just to keep them sharp. I do still hope to write a book or something someday, so this is just part of “keeping the dream alive.” I don’t know if I will actually use this as a true ‘blog’ in the hopes that others will read it, but we’ll see.

It does seem pretty easy to use so far – although I’m not sure why it keeps wanting to name it “Kev’s Quantum Connections”…? I keep trying to make it just Quantum Connections, but it INSISTS on adding Kev. But, in the spirit of letting the Universe guide me, of letting Spirit do the driving, of letting Fate direct me, of Jesus taking the wheel – I think you get the idea – I am going to let go of the need to control it, and leave it as it is.

I was wondering how realistic it would be to have a blog that is based primarily on gathering and posting links to things I find interesting -quantum physics, AI, CRISPR, neuroscience, spirituality, etc..? I mean, considering this is just going to be for me to begin with, I think I will go with that, and add my thoughts about stuff. Yeah, that sounds good. I have something cool I want to add for the first link – I need to find it and post it… Stay tuned.

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