Post number 2

So I guess I figured out how to change the site title from “Kev’s Quantum Connections.” That sounded just a little too cute and “homey.” I was also able to change the site address to – an address that will be easier to memorize, type and reach. I’m honestly surprised it hadn’t been taken yet. Interestingly enough, ‘quantummage’ had been… probably some Magick the Gathering player or something lol. So yeah, better name, better address – better content? Yeah, don’t get too excited about that just yet.

I can’t count how many different blogs I’ve had at this point. I’m guessing somewhere around 6-7..? I still have The Thought Buffet, but because I can’t reach it from work, it’s very limiting, as I like to release some mental steam and take a break from coding by blogging a bit sometimes – write some of my best stuff during those periods. And thankfully, obviously, this site is accessible from work. Yay.

Not quite sure how I am going to use this yet. I haven’t completely given up my hope of someday being published – or ‘discovered’ as it may be these days. I mean, I guess you get enough followers, and you can make your $$$ without ever doing anything more than posting. I was watching this special the other day where it mentioned that certain posters – “influencers” they call them – can get paid like $100,000 for a single post. Can you believe that…? And you can bet your bippy that those $100k posts have very little real, lasting value – they don’t contribute to the compendium of human knowledge, as it were. But I guess I ought to be happy for those people who get to make millions posting shots of their booties, or thoughts about other celebs, or…. Yeah, I’m not happy for them. I hold them – or actually, the people who PAY them – responsible for the downfall of civilization.

Wow, this turned out different than I thought it would… I was planning on talking about the latest developments in quantum computing, cool books I have read on science, latest breakthroughs in physics – and instead, I rail on the social media monstrosity. Oh no – I’m one of them! I am become death, destroyer of minds… and souls. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. I’m just sure I’ll post something sciency then.

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