Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019 – Omens

What a name for a celestial phenomenon – “Super Blood Wolf Moon.” I mean, that just HAS to have some crazy stuff associated with it, right? I actually have another tab open now to read about some of the spiritual meanings of it (as presented by whomever has actually posted something on the web about it). Honestly, I haven’t thought of any specific connotations, although a few interesting things happened that made me wonder…

Probably the most striking one to me was that evening, around approx. 7:30pm I think it was, I was wiping down the pad in front of the fireplace, and something pricked my finger, such that it started bleeding; and not just a little drop, but enough that it actually ran down my finger. I got a paper towel to wipe it, but strangely, it quite bleeding just as quickly as it had started. I had planned to walk back to the bathroom to get a bandaid, but no sooner did I touch it with the paper towel than the bleeding was over – completely. I still don’t know what caused it. I thought perhaps a sliver of glass, as that’s what it felt like, but I wasn’t able to locate one. I thought it interesting that on the night of the blood moon – the SUPER Wolf one, I actually bled a bit.

So in addition to that personal event, there was a more universal one, in that a meteor actually struck the moon during the eclipse – a strike that was capture by numerous different photographers and astronomers. I don’t know if that has any real spiritual connotation or anything, but I believe it was the first time an event like that had ever been captured during a lunar eclipse. Now that I think about it, I guess it is kind of like the moon itself bleeding a little bit – being injured by something breaking its surface, almost like cutting it. Wow, I just made that connection – that IS pretty trippy!

I don’t know what any of that means, if it means anything beyond just the events themselves. But I do know that synchronistic events have been happening more and more, and I find myself looking at the esoteric meaning of events more than I have in quite some time. It definitely seems like things in the realm of magic and mysticism are manifesting a lot more in the material realm right now, and I am loving it! Hopefully that Super Blood Wolf Moon and the associated events – for me and for the moon – mean that is only going to increase in frequency and intensity. Hail the return of magic, mystics and meaningful experiences!

UPDATE: funny, I just read this article after posting that, and the last line is particularly “coincidental”..?

” No matter how you chose to celebrate, may the Super Blood Wolf Moon help you usher in your most magical year yet.”

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