Magic Log – Entry 1

Ok, so that might not be the best name or format for it, but I want to start capturing magical moments. Now the past few times I have tried something like this, it seemed as though the magical moments stopped occurring after I started tracking them. But I am telling myself that was then – this is now. It’s a different time, and I am setting an intention that the opposite will happen : the more track and remain aware of them, the more they will occur.

This one is pretty small, but still… yesteday, when I was at Fry’s getting gas, I had entered my phone number for gas rewards. After doing so, I thought I would venture a guess what the award could be. It could have ranged anywhere from .10 to $1.00, in .10 increments. So I had like a 1 in 10 chance of being right. Immediately, the amount .60 popped into my head. Thinking that, I proceeded with the rest of the entry, and lo and behold, when it showed the award, it was .60. I guess if there is anything surprising about that, other than getting the 1/10 guess correct, it’s that I honestly thought it would be much less than that, more likely between .20-.40. So the guess came from somewhere other than my conscious, rational thought.

What I REALLY like are synchroncities, especially powerful ones like coin-incidences. And so I am hoping that more of them will start appearing – or perhaps that I will become more aware of the many that are constantly happening. I like to think of it more that way.

I am becoming more open to accepting all of those things that happened when I was using without just dismissing them. Sure, I was high for a lot of them – probably all of them – but that doesn’t mean they didn’t happen, and it doesn’t mean they are now meaningless. And I am learning – thank GOD – that it doesn’t mean I can never experience anything like that again unless I am high on drugs. I have been experiencing some pretty awesome ones, and it has been very, very uplifting and inspiring. I honestly thought that being under the influence of mind-altering substances was a requirement for “magic,” but it seems as though that is not the case. And honestly, I had always thought (even read about) that keeping your temple pure was what was needed to be REALLY powerful/effective. Considering I don’t drink, do drugs, or even smoke, I had hoped my temple being pure (ok, I know that’s a stretch – but more pure than it WAS! Lol) would at least offset the whole drug thing.

So the experiment/experience continues. Who knows what will come. I am reading a book called “Real Magic” right now, and I think it is helping to really reawaken those beliefs that have laid dormant for some years now, in addition to removing obstacles and barriers to even greater belief. Here’s to another magical day!

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