I am thinking of using the above nomenclature for entries in my “magic log” – a kind of diary for all magical experiences. And by magical, I mean synchronicities, coin-incidences, miracles, etc. The meaning will be : ML = =”magic log”, the colon with be the separator, the first number will be the number of the entry (to be increased by 1 for each entry), and the last number will be the number of occurrences for that one. So in this case, this means the second log entry, and there are 2 occurrences for that entry. Of course I might change the actual format, but the meaning will remain the same I think. Perhaps I will add some modifier for some really big ones, actual “coin-incidences,” not sure what that would be yet. Maybe an exclamation mark at the end..?

Yesterday afternoon : was listening to the song “Operator” by Midnight Star at work, a song I heard this last weekend and hadn’t heard in FOREVER. Then on the way home, I was on my motorcycle and pulled up next to a car at Guadalupe and Gilbert. They were playing their radio loudly, and I heard “…. Midnight Star…” Interesting.

Also yesterday, I was thinking about the quote “change the way you look at things and the things you look at change,” and was looking up information about it being attributed to Max Planck to see if that was really true or not. Then last night, as I finished the chapter in the book “Real Magic” that I am reading, and discovered that the opening quote for it is exactly that one. Of course it’s possible that I had seen it there when looking ahead previously, but I was not consciously aware of it. So the timings seems interesting.

Although neither of these are necessarily mind-blowing, I am going to record all such experiences, because I was thinking about a saying attributed to Einstein I believe : “You can live believing either everything is a miracle or nothing is.” I prefer the former 🙂

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