So this is kind of a mild one, but I am recognizing all magical (the word I am using til I can find a better one) experiences, no matter how small.

For starters, that word – magic, or magical – is popping up ALL over the place in things I am reading now – from posts about coffee, to health issues, to physics, to… everywhere, literally. Of course, maybe it has been for some while, and I am just now aware of it. But it is definitely making its presence known. Yay!

The other thing was that I decided last night to give my black hole necklace a break for a recharge last night, and decided to wear my new/vintage prayer wheel necklace (which is supposedly from India) today. Then, just a little while ago, I checked Facebook to find that I have been awarded a “Top Fan” badge for the Dalai Lama’s page – how cool is that?!?! I mean, I totally love that guy, and truly am a huge fan. So just getting that is pretty awesome to me. But I find it pretty neat – magical even – that I happen to be wearing my Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheel pendant from India on the day I get that.

Is it magical? You bet your bippy! 🙂

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