Astrology making a comeback? And also, ML:5

I’m not quite sure where I saw it exactly, but in some post somewhere, I read something that mentioned people, especially millenials, are consulting astrology more, and it was making a bit of a ‘comeback.’ I hadn’t really heard anything about that at all, so I did a bit of intense research – I Googled it – and sure enough, a number of articles were returned discussing just that: how Astrology was becoming much more popular than it has been in the last 20-30 years. The articles I perused were very interesting too, talking about how the stress and uncertainty of our current time period, along with the easy access to information via the web has spurred its regained popularity.

Synchronistically enough, as has been happening so much lately, that all just happened to coincide with the chapter I started in the book I am reading, about Synchronicity, titled “An Astrological Experiment.” I remember back in the day, I was very much into astrology and even had my natal chart done back in like 1990 (?) when I was living with Willie in Prescott. I had it for a long time, but it, along with a number of other documents, books, etc was lost after my separation with my ex when I left to get sober and never went back to that house.

All of this has reignited my interest not just in astrology, but in numerology (well, I’ve never really lost my interest in that), and even Tarot. I was thinking about getting my natal chart done again, and possibly even getting another Tarot deck. Though I’m not quite sure how I would use them now.

This morning, I had a bit of an epiphany about something I would REALLY like to pursue – and that is leveraging the capabilities of NI to analyze the portions of the brain that are awakened during profound, connective spiritual experiences, and setting it loose to figure out how those states might be created using natural means other than mind-altering substances. Seems to me that there are sounds, colors, smells, shapes, images, thought forms, etc that combined could illicit those experiences in a person’s mind. And if something like that could be achieved in a manner that could be delivered to people in a non-destructive, non-invasive, non-drug-related manner, I can only wonder what kind of awakening in consciousness it could spur. Just imagine being able to give someone who is full of doubt and skepticism, a hardened materialist, an experience that shatters his or her view of reality.

Now the questions are: 1, is someone already working on something like this somewhere in the world? 2, if not, is there any chance the Universe lets me win the lottery or something like that so I can help get something like that started? 3, if someone is working on it already, can I please be asked to be involved somehow? And 4, how much will I cry and throw a fit if the answer to 1 is yes, and 2 and 3 are no lol.

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