goes live!

What is WHAT IS MAGICMEME.COM??? Yeah, now that you ask, what IS I honestly have no idea at this point. I do know that I bought a domain name through godaddy named that, and have taken them up on their one month free trial of their website builder to throw a site on it. But I have no idea what, if anything, I am actually going to do with it at this point. I start thinking about it, and my mind starts racing, and all of these ideas come to me. But the more I think about them, the more I realize that they are all too scattered, and I don’t have a defined purpose figured out just yet. Is the primary motive to just get knowledge out there? And if so, what kind of knowledge? For what purpose? Do I want to leverage the site to maybe somehow, someday generate revenue? And if so, how would I do that?

This is a kind of desire or compulsion I have had for a long time now, to have some kind of site on the web from which to share my (ideas?) with the world. And to be sure, I have had a number of different blogs, none of which was all that successful. I still have The Thought Buffet out there, and obvi, this one. In the beginning, I had “” and had my own little site I had created that talked about DNA and code and stuff. But nothing more than information that intrigued me was really ever posted. On the Numsunghero, I had a little run of publishing funny posts, and had my cousin and one other guy following. But I got depressed and wasn’t able or willing to be funny any longer (back then), so I gave it up.

Now here I am, in 2019, with yet another blog out there, and now with a domain, and still I have no idea of what to do with it really lol. It seems like there is something I could do. I am kinda smart, kinda funny, have some wisdom I’ve learned, am a pretty good communicator, am mildly creative… seems like there is something in there that has been festering for a long time now and wants to be expressed, but I have trouble popping the zit that is this great idea. It’s more like those under-the-skin ones that you squeeze and squeeze and squeeze, but they never pop – they just leave scars.

Anyhoo, enough talk of zits. What inspired me to create this crazy new site anyway? Well, something more reliable, certain, accurate and dependable than you could ever hope for : an online Tarot reading. And though I said that facetiously, as someone who has done his share of Tarot readings myself, I can say that it was pretty darn powerful. I’m going to see if I can embed images of it in this post. Considering all of the stuff I have been experiencing and posting about magic(k), it’s quite interesting indeed who showed up in the number 6 slot of the horseshoe spread. And truly, it did give me chills, resonated deeply with me, and I do honestly feel like I am on the brink — again. It’s just that the last (?) times I’ve felt this way, nothing truly lasting or profound – wait, let me re-phrase that – nothing truly lasting or profound the way I WANTED IT TO BE lol – ever came to be. I can’t say nothing profound or lasting, because there was the Coin-incidence, which was very profound, and the effects are still with me, and other, albeit less powerful, still memorable and life-changing experiences.

So who knows – maybe this baby is ready to be birthed now. Would sure be nice. I feel like I’ve been carrying this thing for YEARS, and it sure would be nice to see it be delivered, have life breathed into it, to grow and flourish, and – well, some more baby analogies lol.

Here’s the Tarot spread:

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