I know what to do…

…at least my subconscious, my Higher Self, my whatever knows lol. I am saying this now instead of what I was saying this morning during my morning prayer – “I don’t know what to do now?” I realized that is a negative statement, and affirms something I don’t believe to be true. It is more accurate to say that my conscious mind is not yet fully aware of what exactly I need to do. But that is much different than “I don’t know what to do.” It changes the attitude and perspective from one of helplessness and confusion to one of looking deeper, increasing awareness, quieting the ego and chattering mind, keeping eyes, ears, mind, body and spirit awake and aware of signs, signals and synchronicities all around me.

I was also thinking the other day about the idea of “Teachers” or “Masters,” and how I used to be envious of people who claimed to have been approached and taught by mystic masters, as in the book “The Ultimate Frontier.” But then I thought back to the Coin-incidence, and remembered that I WAS being led and taught, although not necessarily by some old dude in a physical body. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I was being led by some “Ascended masters,” or channeling some strangely named entity like “Zykon” or something…. but there was a series of events, spurred by intuition, other people, strange happenings, coincidences, etc, that definitely seemed to be all aligned in some specific purpose – connected, corresponding if you will.

And it seems like that kind of situation is starting up – actually, is in full swing again now. The last number of books I have read seem to follow each other perfectly, even inasmuch one will directly reference one of the previous ones I’ve read. But what’s really interesting is the directionality of that referencing : it’s not like I read a book that says “go check this out,” and then I go get that book. No, it’s more like I read a book, think it’s good, look for something else to read that may or may not be remotely related, and then when reading the new book, come across a reference to the book I’ve just read, or perhaps one I read a while back. An example would be the book “Real Magic” I just finished. Just before reading it, I read “Synchronicity – An Acausal Principle” by Carl Jung. To be fair, a large part of that book was about non-local (psychic) experiences. But not necessarily about magic, and was written long before “Real Magic” – which I discovered mentioned Jung’s work, which I had just read, pretty early on.

Now I know that this isn’t necessarily mind-blowing, as the topics are related. When talking about psychic or non-local effects, we are basically talking about Magick, so it shouldn’t be any big surprise that the books reference each other. For me, it’s more about the exact order in which things are happening… the way the concepts are building on each other… it’s as if a course of study has been laid out, and I am following it unconsciously. And I am hoping that course leads to some kind of “capstone project” this time – an actual manifestation in the material world of that concept/idea/whatever inside of me that has been crying for full expression for years now.

Funny, I almost said again “I don’t know what it is…” and that is EXACTLY the kind of thinking I need to change! Because I DO know what it is. I am going to keep affirming that until this baby I’ve been gestating for the last 28 years (at LEAST!) is finally born into this world. And I know it’s there. I’ve seen some things, experienced some things, when I was convinced that I knew. Now, I am entering a state of being convinced again, coaxing it even, and this time, without the use of hallucinogenics or other mind-altering substances. It has been a much longer road to get here, and I honestly thought at times I never would. But alas, here I am, and it seems as though the coincidences are starting to pile up, leading hopefully to another, even more profound Coin-incidence – or something even better – hopefully.

On a side note, I wrote a little while back about one of those coincidences or synchronicities related to seeing a work van with the name “Abracadabra” on the side of it as I was praying about something astonishingly relevant on the way to work the other day. So I ordered a cool pendant I found that has that on it. And the best part? It’s in Hebrew. That was one of the attributes of the Coin that made it so outstanding and special – the Hebrew writing on it. Another cool thing is that it is a 6-sided amulet. I had been having some strong intuition to get a six-sided pendant lately, almost bought one at Black Market minerals the other day, and was actually shopping for one online. Lo and behold, the Abracadabra one, with Hebrew writing, just happened to be one… imagine that. “I will create as I speak” – Abra-Kadabra!

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