It’s Rigged! (not really though…)

At least I think it is. I think WordPress is rigged, such that directly after purchasing an upgrade of some kind, a number of people seem to somehow be directed to your site, such that some end up ‘like’ing it and some actually follow it. Which in turn gives a sense of hope and optimism that “Hey, this thing is really catching on! Glad I upgraded!” At least that was the case with me.

But now, a few weeks later, it seems as though this blog has fallen completely off the radar. I freely admit that my posts haven’t been the best. And I certainly wouldn’t expect everyone to come by to read a bunch of drivel, But even the number of page views are down – way down. I would think that if legitimate, interested people had followed it, they would at least pop by when there was a new post to see whether it sucked or not lol.

Why does it matter? I guess it really doesn’t, other than the fact that I probably could have just saved my money and kept it private if I had known that it was going to languish still. I think their algorithms push new blogs to the top of whatever “suggested post” notifications they have, and that pushing probably diminishes over time, such that after a month or so, a blog sinks back into obscurity – at least as far as their algorithms go.

And to be honest, I could see why. With people constantly creating new content, they want the newbies to get some exposure, want to let people know about them, and if the stuff is good, it will naturally take off. So perhaps the system isn’t as sinister as I would believe – darn it anyway!

Here I thought I could blame my lack of success on some WordPress conspiracy to dupe me out of my cash. Turns out it’s more simple than that : write compelling content that people want to read, and they will read it. Write what you want, and, well – roll the dice.

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