The Great Plastic Bag Mystery, or The Moral and Philosophical Bankruptcy of the Modern Materialists

I was trying to post this on OUT, but GoDaddy is erroring out, so here I am…’

This is something that has been on a mind for a while now, I think I have even posted about it before, but I can’t iterate enough how much this bothers me. Obviously. So here I am, posting again about this.

How can a world society that is capable of splitting the atom, putting a man on the moon, curing most diseases, creating quantum computers, devising wireless communication, building particle colliders miles long – how can a society that can do all those things not devise ways to make packaging and other products that do not pollute the environment or biodegrade quickly and gracefully…? How can we have the technology to grow replacement human parts like ears on mice, but we can’t make a replacement for plastic grocery bags that fills the same purpose, but doesn’t cause the same environmental issues…??? Can someone please explain that to me? How can industries knowingly create products they know are detrimental to the ecosystem and damaging to life without seriously trying to come up with safer alternatives?

Of course, I’m pretty sure I, and you, know the answer : MONEY. I’m certain that the time, research and resources it would take to create replacements would cost a fair amount of money, and no one in a position of true power and influence is willing to risk shareholder profit for the sake of something as trivial as the environment. Because it really is all about the money, right? And if it’s not, then what IS it about?

Oh sure, they will say “we tried other packaging, and consumers didn’t like it,” which is short for “we lost customers to our competitors they made money we could have had, so we just can’t do the right thing. And besides, customers didn’t like them.” Well guess what? Kids don’t like vegetables either, but we all know what happens to children who don’t eat balanced diets – they become malnourished and unhealthy. And analogously, our society, our world is becoming very unhealthy. But it is not consumers who are to blame, much as they would like us to believe. No, it is the captains of industry, the hedge fund managers, the stock owners, the boards and venture capitalists, the CEOs and politicians – THEY are the ones to blame. They could very easily come together and decide they are going to change the way things are done, and move completely to sustainable solutions across the board. But they are greedy, short-sighted cowards afraid of upsetting their shareholders and customers. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

I have much more to say on this, but I have to get back to work. I keep PRAYING that the Universe will provide me with enough financial security that I can launch on a full-on campaign to address this blatant lack of moral and philosophical bankruptcy on a full-time basis. It has not happened yet, but I keep praying! More later…

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