Let’s try this again (First Tarot reading gave clarity)

So yesterday, I finally did my first Tarot reading with my new deck and was not disappointed. I asked the question which direction I should go, what I should focus on to progress along my spiritual path. Here is what the cards said:

First Tarot reading – Apr 15 2019

I’m re-learning how to read the cards again, but what I basically get from it so far is that I am afraid of radical change, and cling to thoughts of the way things are or are “supposed” to be. I want achieve my dreams, but don’t want, or am afraid to put the work in to do it. Also, it seems like the opporunity, actually the forces for radical change are already in motion, but I am unfocused, going in too many directions. If I can focus on what’s true to me in my heart, and not just my mind, the realization of my dreams is within reach.

It was a powerful reading, and DEFINITELY spoke to me. I realized that I have been spending so much of my focus on trying to create a blog that was popular, the whole “Magick meme” thing, and also trying to possibly create a spiritual order, and also joining one, and looking for another one, and trying to figure out how to write my book, and – you can where I’m going here. I need to focus in on the one thing that is most important to me in my heart, and believe in myself and my abilities, as well as the direction and guidance of The Spirit, and do what it is I am called to do, whether or not I think it will lead to the “success” I seek. Of course, I could have it all wrong, as I am new (again) to reading, so we’ll see if this interpretation holds up! lol.

But I awoke early this morning, and a rush of thought was running through my mind. I am going to step away from the whole “magickmeme” thing for a while. I got all excited about what I read in “Dark Star Rising,” and created something based on it, rather than just take the information for information’s sake. I convinced myself it was a great idea, but got some messages from the Universe that wasn’t necessarily the case (lack of success of blog, questions from Emilee about the name, etc) so I am letting it go. That was ( insert author’s name here) idea.

I’m not going to pursue joining another order either. I say “another” because I signed up to join the AMORC for a month, but am going to let that expire. I sent an email to another supposedly “Secret” group, haven’t heard back from the, but am not going to pursue that either. Thing is, whatever those groups have or know or are teaching obviously isn’t super successful based on the lack of membership, popularity and concrete results, so why pursue membership in them?

I am going to move forward with creating a New Order for a New Age, just like I said in another post. I have been stuck in self-defeating talk, about how everything has already been done, what’s the point, blah blah blah – but the fact is, it hasn’t been done, or at least not in a noticeable way. I want to create whole new thing based on new scientific discoveries, and free from all of the baggage of all the old esoteric orders and New Age stuff (well, not all of it, but most of it) – one that focuses on NOW, and what is actually possible given what we are learning about the nature of reality, matter, consciousness, information, etc. I’m not entirely sure how to do it, or what it will look like, but I have pretty good idea about the overall structure of what the teachings might be. And I even have a name and – I know, here we go again! Lol – purchased a domain based on the name of the order, which came to me this morning and really resonated with me: The Order of Unifying Truth – domain name is orderofunifyingtruth.com – imagine that! Lol

I like it because it has a double-meaning too, like seemingly most good things like that do: unifying truth, where unifying is an adjective describing the kind of Truth the order is concerned with, and unifying truth where unifying is a verb describing the actions of the order, which are to unify all the different strands of Truth. How cool is that? Pretty cool I think.

I made a contact named Alan McDonald I think it is who is an artist from down under and specializes in quantum comics and art. I am going to reach out to him with information about my idea and see what he thinks – being careful, based on the Tarot reading – to not let him try to dissuade or persuade me too much. And honestly, I feel re-energized. I was starting to lose faith a bit, but, thanks to a good Tarot reading, feel like I have the clarity I needed to move forward.

Oh, and I picked up a really nice little clear quartz natural crystal point at Black Market Minerals yesterday too. Something told me I needed one, and I am listening to Something more and more these days. Infinite Gratitude to the Eternal Spirit and all that is… Amen!

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