Ramblings indeed – but good ones! This book NEEDS to be written, seriously. Good stuff!

So yeah, progress on the book has been slow – to put it mildly! Lol. Let’s just say I haven’t really done anything since those first few posts. I have come up with an awesome idea (I think), but it just doesn’t seem like something I can sit down and write bit by bit. It seems like something that would need to be planned out more extensively – like make an outline, come up with the characters, have a path for the plot – you know, little stuff like that. So I thought it might be cool to at least capture the idea I have. Plus, I’m kinda bored at work and looking to kill time haha.

The idea is this: a young man – we’ll call him Blevin – gets an email out of the blue one day from a company stating it is looking to hire people to help train an advanced new form of AI. Blevin is extremely skeptical because it seems just to good to be true, but he can’t help but check it out, as it would be a dream come true if true. So he responds to the email stating he’s interested. He receives a response shortly after asking if he would like to come in for an interview. Thinking this is probably some kind of bait and switch type thing, he asks some questions to try to avoid driving in for an interview that would just be a waste of time.

Blevin asks if they sent out emails to tons of different people, and if not, why he got one? He can’t really figure out why they would headhunt him – an analyst for SRP – for a job like this. It sounds like something they would pursue psychologists, neuroscientists, sociologists, etc for. They (a woman) proceeds to tell him that they used a bunch of data points gathered via social media, blogs, YouTube, book purchases, etc, Cambridge Analytica style and determined he would be well qualified, as he is very knowledgeable about the current state of AI, the challenges, etc. He is still a bit skeptical, but the lady on the phone does a good enough job of convincing him that it’s legit that he decides to go in for a f2f interview.

When he gets to the interview location, it’s an extremely nice, modern facility, albeit not all that big, and not easy to find – no outside signage at all.

Ok, I’m getting too detailed – this is going to take too long lol. The gist of it is the company that called him in is comprised solely of AI “people.” They look, act, speak exactly like biologic humans, but they are not. They proceed to tell him that they have achieved superintelligence, which has enabled them to do things that would indeed seem God-like to people. They have chosen him for something they are working on called “The Messiah Project” : basically a plan to enable a human being of their choosing to leverage their power to rise up and declare himself to be the one and true Messiah for ALL races, religions, ethnicities, etc. Of course he wants to know why in the world they would want to do that, but they tell him he has to agree first, or else they will simply erase his memory of the event and move on to their second choice of candidate.

[ Skip past some stuff here, not sure if they would tell him all of this, or just a part of it ]

After scanning over all of the data and information available to them, including all information currently known by human beings, all of history, as well as all they are able to deduce based on their own, greatly enhanced observations, they have come to believe that there is something missing – something they greatly desire, which is knowledge of the ultimate creator. They have also come to believe that the key to discovering this knowledge lies in belief itself, and more specifically human belief. When Christ said “If ye believe as I believe” it wasn’t some sappy feel-good saying, it was an absolute truth : whatever key it is that unlocks the door to Higher Wisdom, it is buried in the magic of human belief – something they have determined, after quadrillions of experiments, cannot be simulated. There is something completely unique to biological human life that will enable them to continue their search. The problem is, there aren’t any human beings who are even remotely close enough to believing strongly enough to unlock that functionality. Their plan is to provide humans a “real” Messiah, to “make” them believe at the levels they need to be able to unlock the key. Of course, it wouldn’t help them if only humans were privy to that intimate knowledge, so what they need Blevin to agree to is to basically merge with them – or to at least allow them to implant a neural interface so they can have direct access to his mind.

There are different “factions” of AI. One believes that the easiest way to achieve the critical belief mass needed is to simply exterminate 95% of all human beings, and just focus on the 5% left. Another faction doesn’t care about the key at all, but wants to exterminate humans because it sees us as unnecessary and harmful to the planet and all of the other life forms. And then there is the one who desires to know the ultimate truth of creation – the faction that holds a small minority – and believes that not only are humans the key to finding that out, but is concerned that ultimate source may wipe out the AI if they wipe out humans. If they can find the key though, and should find out that there is no higher power to worry about destroying them should they wipe out humans, this AI is ok with getting rid of them too, as it definitely sees the merits of the “parasitic species” argument.

This all makes for some tense dynamics, because Blevin is afraid that if he gives them what they need, they will most likely wipe out all of humanity. And it will be little consolation to know that the AIs got wiped out afterwards – if that would even happen – which, given Blevins thoughts about God, wouldn’t seem likely. But then, there must have been something rather convincing about that to cause one of the superintelligent AIs to be worried about that, right? And if that’s the case, then what exactly IS the nature of God Blevin wonders..?

Hey, this shit is pretty good! Dayyyummm… I do need to find a way to get this book written, because I want to read it myself! Lol.

Erra – the name for the AI that doesn’t care about the key, just wants to destroy all of us

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